Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where's the Manatees?

Last night on the news all they wanted to talk about was how cold it was going to get. One of their stories was how to avoid hypothermia. Hypothermia? Can you even get that at 40 degrees? And they kept warning people "if" they had to go out to make sure they bundled up. It's so crazy to watch the news like that and see how different people react to weather.

So it's still too cold for the beach. This morning we headed out to try and see some Manatees. They have a few different places you can go to try and see some. Unfortunately, we missed them today but the boys still had fun watching the fish and playing on the playground. Here are some pictures from our day.

No Manatees....

but some pretty scenery.

The boys could see little fsh in the water so they were pretty excited about that, at least Declan was.

They refused to cooperate when I wanted a picture with them.

But they loved the playground.

And this has to be the best picture EVER!

On our way home we saw this accident. It must have just happened before we got there because there was only a couple of police cars there. No ambulance or firetruck yet. And later on the news they had the whole Interstate shutdown. According to them a dump truck hit the semi and it slammed into the guard rail. It looks like the driver of the semi got out ok. And its so dry down here that the other side of the Interstate had a grass fire from it.

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