Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It was hot

Hot, Humid and Windy.
That describes our day yesterday.

So we broke out our suits, the baby pool and our sprinkler.

There is no better way

to cool off

then by running (or jumping)

through the sprinkler

for hours

and hours.
Then we came in, tried to make dinner, lost power AGAIN, ditched our dinner plans and went out to eat. I think we'll subtract our dinner costs from our Xcel bill.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Vacation

We've survived our first week of summer vacation. Well, the boys survived, I sort of feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. Adjusting to summer vacation is harder then you think. Between a 5 year old who has gained 50 pounds in attitude and a 3 year old who likes to whine and tattle and an almost 8 month old who has mind loss if I leave the room, this could be a long summer! Lucky for us it was a gorgeous, hot, weekend (after a very cold rainy week). Here's a stream of consciousness recap.

We went to our 2nd 9-12 meeting. We bought flowers to plant. I colored my hair for the first time ever. We played and played and played outside. We lost power for 4 hours. It was 84 degrees in our house. We had to eat out (darn).The boys took a bath by candlelight. Power came on just before story time. Trevor reffed his last soccer game (YAY!). We let Emily try out her new shock color, sans a leash. She bolted on me today. She didn't even flinch as she went through the line after a squirrel. She must have been going to fast to feel the shock. She missed the squirrel she was after. She ran into Frenchie (our neighbor's dog) who chased her back into our yard. She must have gotten shocked coming back in. I wanted to beat her. But I didn't. I just tied her up. We had plans for a camp fire but mother nature had other plans. We went to church.

We wrestled with daddy in the front yard.

We played dead in the front yard.

We took pictures of Baby B rolling around in the yard.
(And then had fun editing them in Photoshop...look at those cute eyes. I'm practically a pro.)

Baby B tried out his new swing.

We ran through the sprinkler, with our clothes on.

We were soaking wet. But cool. We ate Popsicle (can you tell Declan had red?).

Some of us chose to eat grass.

We took a ride in the wagon.
And that's just the first weekend of our summer vacation. I'm tired. I'm wore out. But I'm looking forward to a very fun, very busy, summer with my boys.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sports Galore

Carson had his first baseball game last night. He started asking if we could go to his baseball game around 1:30. The entire afternoon was spent having this conversation.

Carson: Mom, can we go to my baseball game right now?

Me: No honey, its not time yet. We have to have supper first.

Carson: Can we have supper now?

Me: No we have to wait for daddy to get home.

Carson: Can I get my baseball stuff on? (He slept in only a shirt because he wanted to wear his baseball pants. Then after nap he was naked and I convinced him to wear his shorts so he could play outside for awhile)

Me: No let's wait until after supper.

Carson: Can we have supper now?

Here he is hitting the ball.

And running home.

We've also taken up a new sport.


Grandma and Papa bought the boys some clubs last week so we were busy practicing while we were there. I'm fairly certain he'll be the next Phil Mikkelson if he's not the next Joe Mauer. We're taking him to the golf course over the 4th of July. Should be fun to watch, if I don't get whacked by a 5 year old swinging a golf club before then.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Here's the plan

You know, if you slept a little longer at night and took a little longer nap you might not collapse in a heap on grandma's floor at 9am. I'm just saying. Maybe we can work on that. Deal?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We have a new member to our family.

His name is Umali and he lives in Malawi Africa. Trevor and I decided to sponsor Umali because we felt it was important not only from a Christian standpoint but also to teach out kids about helping out those less fortunate then us. The boys have done really well trying to understand who Umali is and why he is a part of our family. They can point out on the globe where he lives, they know how old he is and what he likes to do. We are sending him our first package of fun things this week and we are excited to hear back from him.

I'll let Carson tell you a little about him.

We sponsored Umali through the organization World Vision.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Like Winter

It's like winter but without the snow. We're stuck inside. It's like winter only the leaves are out, the garden is planted, the flowers are blooming, we've spent time at the park, we've had picnics. Yet, we're stuck inside. It's like winter....only worse!

In the winter I expect to be stuck inside. I have plans and ideas on how to pass our time and we manage. But in May when we've tasted the sun, enjoyed being outside, been to the zoo, worn shorts, blown bubbles and smelled spring, being stuck inside is miserable. It makes me lose my mind (at least what's left of it). It makes my kids nuts. And I'm completely useless in what to do with them.

If you can't tell the past few days have been long and cold and really wet! So we've spent ALOT of time indoors. Our ribs (okay, maybe just mine) are sore from too much Wii, every toy in the toy room has been out, we've had indoor picnics and we've watched our fair share of tv.

And yesterday we broke out the Play Doh.

And let our creativity go wild.

Bennett tried to eat it so he was relegated to the exersaucer. I don't think he minded.

We made Play Doh pizzas and tried tossing the dough in the air.

We made lightsabers(I think) with our Play Doh.

And we chopped it into a million pieces.

Lucky for us 70 degrees is in our future. At least that's what the weatherman says. Let's hope, for my sanity, he's right.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A video

We finally got a little video camera last week. So here's a video. Nothing special, just Bennett eating breakfast, naked. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Months

This little, er big, boy turned 7 months old last week.

He can roll like it's no ones business. He can sit like a big boy. He still has no teeth (an none in site either). He loves a good piece of bread. He's tried to convince me that waking up twice a night is a good time....I'm trying to convince him otherwise. He loves watching his brothers. He can grab most anything with his hands and switch hands too. He loves to grab his feet. He tries to suck on his feet, while sitting (now that's talent). He hasn't tried a baby food he doesn't like. He's pretty attached to me and likes to act like the world is ending when I leave the room. He's bald as can be!

And he's so fun to kiss.

And squish.
(Look at those arms...just want to eat them up!)

And pretty soon these 3 boys won't fit in the chair.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping Carts

I'm fairly certain a man invented shopping carts. They are the least kid friendly, mom friendly things I've ever seen. With multiple children I'm "blessed" with the opportunity to use a car cart. With three kids these things are impossible, at least most of them are. In order to make it work I usually strap Bennett to me or we go while Carson is in school. Today, Declan was set on the firetruck and this particular cart has no regular child seat up front. Really, shopping cart inventor? But, we tried it anyway....

This picture cracks me up. He's so darn bald! He did pretty well. He lasted most of the shopping trip before he realized I was behind him and then he was trying to flop himself out the door to see me.


Our little butterfly garden sprang into action last week. Within just a couple of days all 5 cocoons hatched.

The boys and I went and got them some fresh flowers.

And we've been feeding them sugar water a few times a day.

We can release them when it is at least 55 degrees outside so we'll probably be entertaining them for awhile yet. But that's ok, the boys love watching them and checking up on them.