Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thomas the Train is back

We may have had a potty breakthrough this week. Carson FINALLY pooped, or "poot" as he says, in the potty. (I can't believe I am writing about this on the Internet.) I was at work but I think his words to Trevor when he saw it in the toilet was...

"Look daddy I poot in da-pawtty."

He was pretty proud and so are his parents. In fact we went to Target today and I let him pick out a new toy. He chose James from Thomas the Train and so the train fascination is back on at our house. He was sad tonight when we couldn't go to grandma's house because she has "mo twains dare mamma." He wanted to go there instead of bed. Sad part is grandma and grandpa are in FL and we won't be there until May. I hope this doesn't happen every night until then!

But the incentive must not have worked to well because he went in his diaper this afternoon. Great, there went my $8. My Dave Ramsey budget is not made for this!

In other fun news. Declan actually ate something besides cheese and pickles today. In fact he ate so much at lunch that we were ALL done and ready to leave and he was still shoveling in the fries. I'm not convinced this new eating habit will last long but it sure is nice to see him eat something besides cheese and pickles. Now matter how much I tell myself that this phase will pass its still hard when they aren't eating much. I constantly feel like I am offering him things because I just want him to eat SOMETHING. It pretty much consumes your every thought. So, tonight I'll say a prayer that this lasts, at least a couple of days, and makes me feel better for awhile.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A whole-lotta nothing.

It's been pretty cold around here lately and as you can see from this photo we've been doing a whole-lotta nothing. Which is actually a nice change of pace for us but apparently Carson is a little bored with it.

The boys and I are heading to Florida in less then a month to hang out with our snowbirds, I mean grandparents. So it was time to break out the tubs of clothes to see what we had for summer apparel. Lucky for me, and our checkbook, Declan should only need a couple of shirts. These sandals fit Carson 2 summers ago and Declan wasn't too sure of them. It didn't help that they were a little big.

We've spent a few lazy mornings around the house since its been so cold out. Declan likes to be in control of the remote....and hog the pillows.

Grandma and Grandpa came last week on their way to Florida. They rented a hotel room one night so we could all go swimming. I don't have any pool pictures but it was a pretty neat place with pirate ships and water slides. Here we are enjoying a post swimming snack of pizza and cheerios. Yum!

Carson loves to ride the plasma car at playgroup. There's not really room for all of on there but somehow we make it all work.

While grandma and grandpa were here we had lunch with some of their friends. I was in charge of finding a restaurant. I picked the Pickle Barrel only to later find out that it started in Montana and grandma and grandpa used to eat there. Besides having fantastic and HUGE sandwiches they also have a barrel of pickles (Who would have guessed)and Declan could not have been more thrilled to have a ginormous pickle to eat.

Remember children, you are not allowed to play hockey. ;-)

Today it actually warmed up enough that I took the boys outside. Last night we were watching the news before bed and they said it was supposed to be freezing rain and 2 to 4 inches of snow. I already made my plans to stay in our pjs and be lazy. Who needs to go out in that stuff and I made a small wish that the mall would close so that I wouldn't have to work. A girl can wish can't she? Apparently they got that messed up with the 46 and clear that it really is. Seriously, how could they be that wrong?

So we headed outside. Carson wanted to go to the park with Declan in tow.

Not sure what this pose is but he was pretty happy to be outside.

We even made a snowman and when I asked him to stand by it so I could take a picture he insisted on standing in front of it. Crazy boy.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fish, Tools and Cabinets

Early this week we visited the Outdoor Campus with our friends. We took a class on Antelope and checked out the big fish tanks they had there. Even the little guys had fun.

Declan decided he liked the tool belt.

And measuring for that matter.

Why, what's this you ask?

Well its drawers of course. AND it's drawers in my kitchen.


The dragging technique that we wanted wasn't working the way we wanted it to so we went with a different look and just painted a thin stripe around the edge. It looks pretty good. Now if I could get the doors done. Oh and I suppose handles on my drawers would do me some good too.

He's bringing sexy back

Well, maybe he is. Seems dancing is "to-hawd"

Friday, January 11, 2008


How is it that time after time everyone in this house gets sick EXCEPT Trevor? Seriously, it's not fair. Declan has the full blown whatever we have been passing around now. The poor kid can't sleep because every time he closes his eyes he ends up in a coughing fit. I usually go in there only to find snot wrapped entirely around his head, his eyes watery and puffy and him crying because he is just so darn tired but can't seem to just pass out. Well he's out now so I hope he takes a good snoozer.

Onto a new topic....


What an insane process this is. Nearly every mother I run into is in a tizzy over when and where their kids will go to preschool. Even pregnant mothers are worrying about it with their unborn child. Seriously? What happened to the days of just going to kindergarten when they were 5 or 6 and letting them enjoy life, school free, until then.

Well those days are long gone.

And I've been sucked into the whole preschool business with the rest of them. Sigh.

Carson goes to preschool one day a week now. I don't really count it since its more like him going to hang out with his friends for an hour and a half and they have a snack together. But next year (rather this year) he will be 3 and so I started to look for a place that would suit him and us. I didn't want him going more then 2 days a week since he's only 3. I just want him to have some sort of socialization with other kids and learn to follow instructions from people besides his mom and dad.

So this morning we went and toured this school.

And let me tell was awesome.

First of all, he'll have to wear a uniform. I love the idea of uniforms and the idea of 3 year olds wearing uniforms is just too darn cute. The 4 year old class this morning looked pretty cute so I can only imagine what he'll look like.

This class is 2 days a week for 3 hours each day. School starts at 7:45am. Yeah you read that right. I think Trevor will be taking him to school because I barely have my lazy behind out of bed by then. Whom I kidding, Trevor is barely out of bed by then. Should be interesting. During the week he'll get regular library time, computer time (working on hand-eye coordination), gym time, music time and recess. Ack, my baby is getting to old.

But first before all this can happen I must register. The crazy process of registration starts in 2 weeks. I was told to arrive by 8am if I have any hope of getting him in. So there I'll be with the other crazy mommas trying to get their kid into preschool. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't adjust your screen.

Yes you are seeing cleary.

Yes that it my Durango parked IN my garage.

Yes, it's even backed in (just for you Trevor).

Yes, I did this all while Trevor was working and the boys are napping.

No, honey nothing was broken or even thrown away in this event. All your stuff is still safe and sound. Phew! ;-)

Now, just don't look in my basement where said stuff happens to have landed.

I love having a house. Now if I could just get doors on my kitchen cabinets!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Being a Family

Normalcy? What's that. It's seems our family has been on a bit of a crazed schedule for the last 3 months. It started in October when Trevor was asked to work extra hours and it seems to have (hopefully) ended with our move last weekend. We've spent very few meals together, had very few lazy afternoons and evenings together and we've just been too busy to "hang out." It's like we were just 4 people floating around the same 1300 sq feet but not really being a family.

That all changed this weekend. I had to work Sat night from 8pm to 3am (Inventory!) so that left us the entire weekend to enjoy our family and let me tell was awesome! We built a snowman, went for a walk (it was 40 degrees out, HEAT WAVE!), ate our meals together, played together and we all snuggled in bed together. I feel like a new person since "normalcy" has somewhat returned to our house.

I've said it alot recently but the boys are at such an incredibly enjoyable stage. 6 weeks ago I was ready to pull my hair out with Declan. He wouldn't let me out of his sight, wasn't eating and was just plain cranky. In the last week or so he's a whole new person (maybe it's the haircut?). He can entertain himself for fairly long stretches, he eats better (not great but better) and he just seems more happy. He's mastered the use of a fork and spoon to and is pretty darn proud of himself.

One of the interesting things to watch with Carson has been his language development. He's making full sentences now and its so fun to see his brain working. He seems to have trouble with his pronouns. Like using "you" when referring to himself, etc. But its so fun to have conversations with him know. And he's got a great memory. This weekend we went out Saturday to make a snowman only to find out that the snow wasn't going to cooperate.

So we told Carson we would do it after nap when the snow should be ready, since it was 40 degrees all day! When he woke from his nap that was the first thing he asked to do. So we bundled up and headed out again only to find the snow in the same condition as it was earlier. So we told him we would try on Sunday. Well he kept asking us to "make Fwosy the noman," So Sunday morning we headed out and (THANK GOD) the snow was perfect. He didn't want to leave the house afterwards because he didn't want to leave "Fwosy" behind.

One of the highlights from our weekend was yesterday as we were putting the boys down for a nap I told Carson I loved him and he repeated, "I wuv you too." Then Trevor told him he loved him and he replied "I wuv you daddy." THEN, this morning he told me out of the blue that he loved me.

Almost makes me want to have another baby right now.


I mean lets not get ahead of ourselves people....seriously!

We have so much to be thankful for this morning, I mean afternoon. God's Blessings to you all!

And a few other pictures from the weekend.

He looks so thrilled to be outside doesn't he?

Going for a walk.

Putting Frosty's nose on.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy 2008 Everyone!

Wow, 2008? Really? Time flies when you are having fun I guess. We moved into our new house this weekend. We are so excited to be back in a house. It's weird having 2 FULL floors, a double garage and no neighbors making obnoxious noises at all hours of the day. Thanks to the grandparents we got all moved and unpacked quite a few boxes. Now we just need to tackle the garage which is full of stuff that needs to find a spot. But, I'm going to wait until its above zero to do that! It was 5 below this morning when I woke up. Yep, that's cold! Needless to say Carson is taking a nap in his pjs because it was too cold to go anywhere. A perfect day to stay indoors in our jammies.

I don't usually make resolutions. I never keep them so why bother right? Plus with the move and Christmas it doesn't even feel like January yet, well except for outside. Instead of some resolutions how about some goals?

1.) Be Better With Our Money. Trevor and I are starting the year off by taking a 13 week class from Dave Ramsey. Well not really from him but someone who teaches all the stuff he knows. We're not sure what to expect but we are both excited to see what this class offers us. We hope that it can help us be in a great place financially.

2. Enjoy our children even more. The boys' are at such a fun stage right now. I am looking forward to the next year with them. I know it will be full of adventure, laughter, tears, memories and joy!

3. Grow in my faith. God put me here for a reason. He made me a stay-at-home mom for a reason. I need to put more time and energy into my faith and I know God will help me do that and show me how to do that. He will help me be more patient with my children. He will help me grow as a mother, wife, friend and daughter.

4. Scrapbook! I haven't even bought a baby book for Declan yet. Oops! So I need to get him one and get going and I need to work on Carson's!

Let's see how these work our for me. Here's hoping your 2008 is filled with blessings and love!

A new 'do!

Well we finally did it. We got Declan's haircut. He was being mistaken for a girl all over the place so we took some off. He did great and had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Before shot of the back.

First we needed a sip of juice to get us through this.

Flirting with the stylist.

Ok. lets get to work.

But first, look how long my hair is. It's almost past my eyes.

Here it goes.......

Hold on I need a sip. This haircutting business is tough work. They actually expect me to sit still for this?

Are we done yet?

Ta Da!!!

And a video of it all.

It was a Merry Christmas

We are back from our world wind Christmas vacation. We made stops at both grandparents during our travels. We had a blast, ate to much and enjoyed the company of lots of family. Here are some pictures of our fun.

Before we left we rang the bell for the Salvation Army. It doesn't look like it from this picture but this was actually the warmest its ever been when we ring the bell.
Our first stop was at Grandma and Papa Lee's house. We were able to get out and do a little sledding but it was pretty cold while we were there.

Grandma and Papa Lee

Declan could have cared less about the presents. He wanted the bows!

Next up was Grandma and Papa Cameron's. On Christmas Eve we made a birthday cake for Baby Jesus.

The frosting was the best part for Carson.

Declan will eat anything sweet so he dove right in.

Setting out cookies for Santa.

It took Carson awhile to warm up to the idea of opening presents. But once he got going he loved it.
Declan was very excited to get new toys.

After all the presents were opened we went sledding.
Carson preferred pulling his brother around instead of going down the hill.