Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three on Thursday: Spring

Not much to say today. We're busy with swimming, soccer, Cub Scouts and trying to get our house on the market. I've painted more things white in the last three weeks then I care to talk about. Trevor has stayed up WAY to late more nights then he cares to talk about. The weather has been fantastic and we've been spending most of our free time outside, the tv is on less and the bbq is on more, we're dirty, sandy, sweaty, snacking on Popsicles and having picnics.....And it's not even April! It's a good season in our life, busy, but good.
Maddox tried bananas this week. They went over pretty well. He stinks at taking a nap and would really like to eat three times a night. I'm anxiously awaiting school being over so I can try and get him on a better schedule.
Luckily for this red head he didn't catch the lice that was going around his classroom. At least not yet (knock on wood). I'd hate to cute those curls because of some silly lice!

I took the boys to the zoo the other day to let daddy get some work done at home. We didn't make it to the zoo last year since it was a billion degrees out every day and I was pregnant. Bennett was in love!

Carson takes after his daddy in trying to read EVERY word of every sign. At least Bennett would listen.

Trying to run as fast as a rhino. Sadly, those chubby little legs aren't quite that fast. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three on Thursday: Teeth and food

 Carson finally lost his other front tooth this week. When it popped out you could see the other one coming in already. The other side hasn't come in yet and neither have the bottom ones. He's been taking speech at school once a week and he complained the other day that he didn't have a cage anymore to keep his tongue in (it's a speech trick to "keep y our tongue in the cage"). I told him it would come back but he'd have to imagine one being there. What a toothless Ruth!
 I finally gave in and gave this kid some cereal. He actually loved it, dive bombed both the spoon and the cup. I've only done it twice but hopefully this eager beaver attitude continues. I think the other boys just spit it all back at me. He's just had plain cereal so far. This weekend if we try again I might add a vegetable, maybe Avacoado.....wonder how he'll like that? Contrary to popular belief it has not helped him sleep better. Sigh.
I think we may have a crawler soon. God help me I am not ready for this. Seriously, not ready.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three on Thursday: 6 Months

Maddox is 6 months old!!
He's a peanut, a tall peanut. Today at the doctor he weighed in at 18 pounds 8 oz, 28.5 inches long and a 18 3/4 inch head. He's off the charts in length and his head size (of course...poor kids got their momma's head) and he's sitting at about the 75th for his weight. He's a string bean! How does that compare to his brothers? Well, I've included their 6 month pictures with their stats. 

Poor Carson, I wasn't on top of it when he was the baby and never took month pictures. At 6 months he was 20lbs 6 oz, 28 inches long and an 18 inch head. 

Declan still takes the cake for being the smallest....but just barely! At 6 months he was 18lbs 6 oz, 27 inches long and a 17 3/4 inch head. So Maddox has him by 2 ounces but he's also an inch and a half LONGER!

And then there's this kid. Look at how chubby and cute he was?? At 6 months he takes the cake weighing 23lbs 9 oz and 27 inches long. 18.5 inch head. I never would have guessed that him and Maddox would have the same size head. Bennett's has always seemed huge but not Maddox. No wonder the doctor was a little concerned. Nothing to worry about now though, we'll check it in 3 months and see how he's doing. 

So there's all my babies at 6 months!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Three on Thursday: Speech

Bennett has been doing speech for about 4 months now. For awhile I wasn't sure it was working and had all but convinced myself he would never talk. Many people kept saying that one day I'd wish he'd stop talking. They are probably right but alot of people can't begin to understand how difficult it is to deal with a two year old who just grunts. Two year olds are difficult no matter what but throw in a complete lack of communication and we were both ready to throw in the towel. Sue, Bennett's speech therapist is amazing, funny, patient, kind and she loves playing with Bennett every week. And thankfully she's been able to work with him and break his speech barrier. He's talking! ALL. THE. TIME. He's copying most things we say, trying really hard to tell me what he wants and needs, counting, saying his colors and demanding "tweats, ooce, and ilk" (treats, juice and milk). We still need to work on him saying the whole word since he seems to miss the first syllable of almost every word. But we've made progress and we are so proud of him!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three on Thursday: Waterpark weekend

Hey there! It's Thursday, thank Goodness! Time for the weekend. It's my BDW (birthday week)! I've had cake and cupcakes so far, tomorrow my girlfriend is making me mint cheesecake and Saturday is girl's night out...can't wait! BDW should occur more then once a year! I think this post will make up for my no pictures last week!
Isn't he adorable? Yes, he is! I tried taking some 6 month pictures when the boys were gone a few weeks ago. It was kind of a failure since he wasn't real cooperative and he just wanted to eat my white sheet. 

But I got a few cute ones. Everyone seems to think he doesn't look like any of the other boys. I kind of agree. He's still skinny, can't wait to see what he weighs next week at the doctor. Let's all say a prayer that it's under 22 pounds. As obnoxious as the infant seat is to carry, I'm not ready to give it up for it's convenience of taking him anywhere in it, especially during nap time! I'm also not ready to have to carry him everywhere on my hip.
This shot was my favorite one! Such a cutie. 

And then this happened.

And I caught it on camera and our photo shoot was over.

Last weekend we surprised the boys with a trip to Omaha. We stayed at a hotel that has this HUGE waterpark. It was so, so, so much fun. The boys had a blast and were completely wore out.

 Carson was thrilled to go down the water slides on a tube...All. By. Himself. He even enjoyed the one that was pitch black but I'm not sure how because when I went down it I was slightly freaked out. That kid is a fish!

Bennett was delighted to splash around the toddler area. He couldn't get enough of the fountains!

It was also determined that he could sit or stand in water up to his chin forever. He's fearless and would rather you not try and hold on to him or steer him to shallower water when he is this deep. 

Maddox enjoyed a little bit of pool time as well.

Declan floated down the lazy river every chance he got. 

Snuggled in bed reading! What a fun weekend. Carson is already talking about when we'll go next!