Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three on Thursday: Spring

Not much to say today. We're busy with swimming, soccer, Cub Scouts and trying to get our house on the market. I've painted more things white in the last three weeks then I care to talk about. Trevor has stayed up WAY to late more nights then he cares to talk about. The weather has been fantastic and we've been spending most of our free time outside, the tv is on less and the bbq is on more, we're dirty, sandy, sweaty, snacking on Popsicles and having picnics.....And it's not even April! It's a good season in our life, busy, but good.
Maddox tried bananas this week. They went over pretty well. He stinks at taking a nap and would really like to eat three times a night. I'm anxiously awaiting school being over so I can try and get him on a better schedule.
Luckily for this red head he didn't catch the lice that was going around his classroom. At least not yet (knock on wood). I'd hate to cute those curls because of some silly lice!

I took the boys to the zoo the other day to let daddy get some work done at home. We didn't make it to the zoo last year since it was a billion degrees out every day and I was pregnant. Bennett was in love!

Carson takes after his daddy in trying to read EVERY word of every sign. At least Bennett would listen.

Trying to run as fast as a rhino. Sadly, those chubby little legs aren't quite that fast. 

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