Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three on Thursday: Teeth and food

 Carson finally lost his other front tooth this week. When it popped out you could see the other one coming in already. The other side hasn't come in yet and neither have the bottom ones. He's been taking speech at school once a week and he complained the other day that he didn't have a cage anymore to keep his tongue in (it's a speech trick to "keep y our tongue in the cage"). I told him it would come back but he'd have to imagine one being there. What a toothless Ruth!
 I finally gave in and gave this kid some cereal. He actually loved it, dive bombed both the spoon and the cup. I've only done it twice but hopefully this eager beaver attitude continues. I think the other boys just spit it all back at me. He's just had plain cereal so far. This weekend if we try again I might add a vegetable, maybe Avacoado.....wonder how he'll like that? Contrary to popular belief it has not helped him sleep better. Sigh.
I think we may have a crawler soon. God help me I am not ready for this. Seriously, not ready.

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