Sunday, March 29, 2009

Say What

Yesterday in the grocery store the boys and I turned down the aisle and there was a lady where shorts. Why she was wearing shorts I'm not sure but around here once it hits 50 then everyone breaks out the flip flops, shorts and capris and they don't get put away until next winter. Regardless of the fact that it was 21 degrees when we left for the store. Here is how our converstaion went at an audible level to the girl...

Carson: Hey mommy that girl's not wearing any pants.

Me: No, she has shorts on.

Carson: Nope she's not wearing any pants.

This morning in church as we were settling into the pew the pastor turned around and Carson looked at me and exclaimed...

"Mommy, that guy has a big belly like you have a big belly."

Try calling him a girl now.

More may have been taken off then originally planned because as he was getting into the chair the stylist asked if SHE would sit there by himself......
Did I mention we were at a MAN'S Salon where they ONLY cut BOY hair?

Carson is thrilled because now Declan has hair like him.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fire Station Tour

Carson has been learning about Community Helpers the past few weeks at school. Last week a policeman visited and they got to check out his car, hear the sirens and learn some safety rules. Carson informed me afterwards that if I drive too fast the policeman is going to come get me. Thanks....I'll keep that in mind honey! Today we took a field trip to the fire station. While we were there the firemen got a call so we got to see the big yellow fire truck (which is temporary while they fix the red one) go lights and sirens out of the building. It looked like 40 4 year old were going to die of excitement!

And I assumed it was a non-uniform day since we were on a field trip. Carson was the only one not in uniform. Whoops!

Carson and Trevor taking their turn in the fire truck.

Declan hanging out at the fire station.


The boys started swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time that Declan was going with out myself or Trevor. To say we were nervous about that would be a very big understatement. But we talked alot about it and that he was a big boy and would be all by himself. His response was that, "My teacher will help me." So I thought we were in for smooth sailing. Drop off went well and Trevor and I went to the balcony to watch.

He decided to try and join Carson's class. That's Carson's classs he is sitting with and that's his teacher on the left trying to persuade him to come over to his class.....she was unsuccessful.

Staying next to Big Brother for protection!!

But he did eventually get in the water. He spent 90% of the time clung to the side playing with the toys in the gutter. There was no crying during lessons so I thought we were golden.

I was wrong.

What ensued after swimming lessons is something I would like to forget. It involved one very mad little boy, a lot of tears, hitting screaming, kicking, wrestling and finally leaving the pool center with only pants and a diaper or shoes.

Here's hoping next week goes better.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring time

Yesterday we took the boys down to Falls Park. It was 60 degrees! Please let spring be here fr more white stuff.

We opened the car door and they went running. Declan's feet aren't even touching the ground he's going so fast.

The boys and I walked all over the rocks while daddy watched and took pictures.

Declan was sure to fill him in about walking on rocks. I think the story lasted 5 minutes. He's very detail oriented.

Friday, March 13, 2009