Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Anniverary Honey!

Four years ago today Trevor and I exchanged wedding vows surrounded by God and our friends and family. All of the old friends we got to see again and all the new family we were both meeting, it was an incredible fall day.

The past four years have been life changing, great and very memorable for us. If I had to describe each of them in one sentence it would go like this.

Year One: We're married and oh no, you snore!

Year Two: We're Pregnant!

Year Three: Oh God, we're pregnant again! ;-)

Year Four: Nope, not pregnant (Phew!) but looking forward to watching our boys grow, family vacations and enjoying each other's company.

Thanks Honey for a fabulous 4 years! I love you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Goodies and Kisses

Do goodies count as a balanced meal? Cause my son ate 2 boxes for lunch today (after we went out and he didn't eat a thing). Works for me!

And if here he is blowing kisses and if you listen closely you can hear Carson say "Declan" (or "Decan").


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Little Swimmers

Last night was our first night of swimming lessons. It was Carson's first swimming lesson without mom or dad in the pool with him. The both did excellent. Forget playing soccer like their dad I think they may be swimmers like their mom!

Declan lounging poolside.

Eagerly awaiting the go-ahead to get in.

Check out this mat I got for 25 cents at Target. I taped it to the floor and instant entertainment while I cook dinner.

We hit the Apple Orchard again for Apple Festival. 20# of apples, 3 pies, 2 apple crisps and 1 apple cookie dessert and I am appled out! And so was the orchard which was slim pickins last weekend.

It was a little chilly but the boys had fun.

Hunting for apples.

My little helper.

In other fun news. Declan learned to blow kisses this morning, now that is cute. But he's also learned to throw tantrums, not cute, well cute because he's so little and he just throws himself on the floor, but not cute because now I have 2 kids who do it.

Carson has been talking up a storm. He takes everything and makes it into a 1 syllable word. Here are a few examples....

Mapple = My Apple
Muff = Muffin
Iovu = I love you
Newt = Fig Newton

And last but not least, a video of last night's swimming adventures.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A is for Apple Picking

I love fall! Today my MOMS Club visited the local Apple Orchard for some apple picking. It was an absolute blast. Both boys had so much fun. We had story time, snack time, played on some hay, visited the petting zoo and picked apples. We came home with a big bag of apples and Carson is so excited about them. Hopefully I can keep him eating them because he loved it did Declan.

Santa Claus read us a story about apples. And just in case your wondering, Santa is from California, we saw his driver's license.

Carson enjoyed a snack of apples and apple juice. Yummy!

After snack time we visited the petting zoo. Declan loved the animals.

And I think its safe to say that they loved him!

Checking out the chickens.

And the chickens checking out Declan.

Playing on the hay.

Still climbing!

Goofy Boy!

I think he's done with the hay.

Obviously they were checking out whoever was behind me. Far more interesting then mommy with her camera.

My Silly Boys.

I thought it was tough getting 2 kids to look at the camera, try 4!

Declan waves to the camera.

Anthony just gave up and started laughing at the ridiculousness that is 4 mommies trying to take pictures.

Crazy Boys!

We're going to have to work on the looking at mommy thing. At least they are smiling!

All the munchkins

Carson and Anthony (our realtor's son) ready for the wagon ride.

Picking apples!

He loved it and had a hard time stopping when our bag was full. We'll have to go back especially since they don't take a credit card and mom had no checks or cash on her!

We topped off our afternoon with a visit to McDonalds for lunch with all the kids. Both kids are sacked out for their nap which will hopefully be a long one. Its the 3rd day that Carson has been in his big boy bed. He's done well but naptime today was a little tricky. Note to self: Make sure ALL toys have left the room or he will get up and play with them. ;-)

Also, I forgot to mention it but yesterday would have been my sister's 37th birthday. So, Happy Birthday Cari! I hope your birthday was fabulous!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Fall Out of Bed

He didn't even wake up!

Our First Day of Preschool

Carson had his first day of Preschool today, it was a little anti-climatic. He was in no mood to go anywhere this morning and didn't want to eat or get dressed, maybe it was first day jitters? I doubt it! He wasn't even interested in going when I told him Sam and Treylyn were going to be there. He perked up a little when I got his backpack ready to go.

Like the shirt?

Then we ditched the backpack for pushing Declan in the stroller.

The Three Amigos after school.

Carson was pretty excited to see me. The only thing he's talked about is that he got cheese for a snack. Must have been some good cheese. Miss Holly did tell me that he was a little crazy unlike when he is in church. Hmmm, strange that a good thing or a bad thing?

And the 3 Amigo Babies hanging out at school.

Random Pictures

Hanging out in the fridge.....on his tiptoes of course.

We had a family picnic last week so I did Carson's hair for the occasion. He was pretty excited about it.

Such cute little boys!

How many of you can sit like this?

I bought a clipper last night and tried it out on Carson. I'm officially taking appointments at the Amy Salon if your interested! Ha Ha!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our weekend on a stick

We hit the MN State Fair this weekend with the boys. We indulged ourselves in a Pronto Pup, deep fried Twinkie, cheese curds, milk shake, gyro, Sweet Martha's cookies and lemonade.. Yummy! Add that to the dome dogs we had at the game and how can you go wrong? Actually makes me sick thinking about it all now. But it was fun and worth every bite! Carson is old enough to enjoy the kiddie rides which was so much fun to watch. As we walked by the "Kiddie Way" he just froze. not sure what to think, but with a look of sweet anticipation on his face. Grandma and Grandpa took the kids back to the hotel for a nap and Trevor and I got to enjoy the fair sans kids. We watched our favorite radio show and enjoyed an ice cold beer on a very hot day. It was a perfect date! Trevor headed to Brainerd shortly after and the boys and I stayed in the cities to catch a couple of Twins games.

Here are some pictures....

Carson sporting his new backpack at the hotel. It's just a little big for him but he looks so darn cute.

Our hotel had this huge playground attached to it so we took the boys over to play around. Declan was happier then a clam climbing ALL OVER the place.

He even scaled a huge tunnel slide. Here he is half way to the top. BY HIMSELF, I might add.

And finally at the top with daddy....who did not climb up the slide. ;-)

Carson tried out the rock climbing wall.

Then he figured out how to drive this fun bike thing. He did pretty well on it. Mom and Dad on the other hand....not so well.

Declan preferred the basketball.

And football....I see ball sports in his future.

Can't go to the fair without checking out the tractors.

It looks like dad was more scared then Carson.

Enjoying the ride.

Imagine that, he wanted to ride the car ride next.

Declan enjoying Sweet Martha's cookies.

Strolling at the fair.

Declan enjoying the fair from Daddy's shoulders.

Waiting for the train to go to the Twins game.

All Aboard!!

Go Twins!!

Enjoying the view.

Choo Choo!

I've said this so many times.
If one's looking at the camera...

Then the other isn't!

How do you entertain 2 boys through 2 baseball games?

Game One: Eat popcorn.

Game Two: Eat more popcorn.

Game one: Use cup tray as a race track.

Game Two: Keep using cup tray as a race track.

Waiting for the train to go home.

Enjoying our morning banana.
OH MY GOSH....I think they are both looking at the camera.

Monkey boy helping me unload the dishwasher.

And a couple of videos of Carson on his fair rides.