Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our weekend on a stick

We hit the MN State Fair this weekend with the boys. We indulged ourselves in a Pronto Pup, deep fried Twinkie, cheese curds, milk shake, gyro, Sweet Martha's cookies and lemonade.. Yummy! Add that to the dome dogs we had at the game and how can you go wrong? Actually makes me sick thinking about it all now. But it was fun and worth every bite! Carson is old enough to enjoy the kiddie rides which was so much fun to watch. As we walked by the "Kiddie Way" he just froze. not sure what to think, but with a look of sweet anticipation on his face. Grandma and Grandpa took the kids back to the hotel for a nap and Trevor and I got to enjoy the fair sans kids. We watched our favorite radio show and enjoyed an ice cold beer on a very hot day. It was a perfect date! Trevor headed to Brainerd shortly after and the boys and I stayed in the cities to catch a couple of Twins games.

Here are some pictures....

Carson sporting his new backpack at the hotel. It's just a little big for him but he looks so darn cute.

Our hotel had this huge playground attached to it so we took the boys over to play around. Declan was happier then a clam climbing ALL OVER the place.

He even scaled a huge tunnel slide. Here he is half way to the top. BY HIMSELF, I might add.

And finally at the top with daddy....who did not climb up the slide. ;-)

Carson tried out the rock climbing wall.

Then he figured out how to drive this fun bike thing. He did pretty well on it. Mom and Dad on the other hand....not so well.

Declan preferred the basketball.

And football....I see ball sports in his future.

Can't go to the fair without checking out the tractors.

It looks like dad was more scared then Carson.

Enjoying the ride.

Imagine that, he wanted to ride the car ride next.

Declan enjoying Sweet Martha's cookies.

Strolling at the fair.

Declan enjoying the fair from Daddy's shoulders.

Waiting for the train to go to the Twins game.

All Aboard!!

Go Twins!!

Enjoying the view.

Choo Choo!

I've said this so many times.
If one's looking at the camera...

Then the other isn't!

How do you entertain 2 boys through 2 baseball games?

Game One: Eat popcorn.

Game Two: Eat more popcorn.

Game one: Use cup tray as a race track.

Game Two: Keep using cup tray as a race track.

Waiting for the train to go home.

Enjoying our morning banana.
OH MY GOSH....I think they are both looking at the camera.

Monkey boy helping me unload the dishwasher.

And a couple of videos of Carson on his fair rides.

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