Monday, February 22, 2010

The rest

And here are the rest of the photos from our little photo shoot. Bennett wasn't real thrilled with doing it a 2nd time yesterday but I still got a few good ones. Enjoy!

Man does his hair look red in these pictures. It doesn't seem that red when I look at it now.

This is probably my favorite.

3 pairs of feet forever stamped on this momma's heart.

Sneak Peek

I'm far from a photography professional....very far. But I did get a new camera, a camera I know has lots of potential. Potential that I need to figure out. I have an appointment this week to get Bennett's pictures taken. However, I thought maybe I could get some good pictures of him with my new camera. So I set it all up yesterday. Found a white sheet, found a room with good light and wiped the snot from his face. I figured the big boys would have no interest in this. Boy was I wrong! Too bad I let them pick out their own outfits and their hair left a little to be desired. Oh well, it adds character, right?

I have lots more pictures from our shoot yesterday. I was rather impressed with myself. And I'm going to do another one this morning. When I finish it all up I'll share the rest. For now enjoy this one.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Blues

It always seems the winter blues set in about the middle of February. And this winter is no different, if in fact, worse. We have an ungodly amount of snow and it seems to keep falling every few days, 4 - 6 inches at a time. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being in the house. I'm tired of putting on hats, and coats and boots all the time. I'm tired of dressing Bennett in 47 layers. I'm tired of not being able to go outside because its too cold for Bennett. I'm tired. Tired of winter.

Lucky for us though Bennett took a late afternoon nap the other day so I bundled up the big boys and pretty much threw them outside. They didn't want to go. They didn't want to get dressed. They didn't want to leave the couch. But I made them and I made myself. It was gorgeous out (i.e. 24 degrees and sunny). And a little Vitamin D did us some good. We were hoping for snowman snow but no such luck. One of these days will get to build one. For now, we just play in it.


I think it's time to retire the Bumbo.

Those knee rolls just don't fit in there anymore.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When did this happen?

Somewhere along the line.....

This little boy...

turned into this big boy.

And this little boy...

turned into this big boy.

Could someone please explain where that time went?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

I've got my fridge stocked with fish sticks. The pantry has mac and cheese and tuna. We are set for Lent! Trevor and I decided to give up pop. The two of us drank more pop then either of us cares to admit over the last few days. I guess in some sort of attempt to prepare us for the next 6 weeks?!? It could be a long one. A long crabby one. But it's a little sacrifice compared to the ultimate sacrifice that we remember during this Lenten season. I mean, He gave his own life, giving up pop can't be so bad. Can it?

Today Carson's class went to mass to celebrate Ash Wednesday. The boys and I decided to join him. Carson wanted to sit by us so it was me and the three boys, in church, alone. Two years ago I tried to take Carson and Declan to Ash Wednesday service by myself. You can read how that went here. Thankfully, this time the boys were fabulous. The only major incident seems to be a broken water bottle. We all got ashes. However, Declan rubbed his off so all I have is a picture of the other two.

During the gospel reading the Deacon was reading from Matthew when he read this line. "....when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing...." Carson looked at me and said.

"Mommy, that's what they said on Veggie Tales Christmas."

Me: Yes, Bob was talking about that wasn't he?

Carson: "He (the Deacon) must have watched it the other day too!"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day. Here's hoping your spending it with those you love.
The boys will be home later today in time for some heart pizza and a little present from mommy and daddy. I can't wait to see them! Early this week we were busy preparing for Valentines Day.

You can almost see how good they tasted.
See those eyelashes?

Still need to work on his grip of a pencil.

Check out that hair do.

Something tells me this one's going to be a lady killer someday. Look at that look!


A recharge. My grandpa used to ask my grandma if she needed a recharge all the time. In their case it meant another martini. A recharge for me is my sweet husband taking the big boys to his parents for the weekend. So I can recharge. Take a break. Find my sanity. It's much needed and its usually more needed then I ever realize. Although I miss the boys its been nice to relax, get some things done around the house (like clean it...I cleaned it yesterday and its STILL clean!) and enjoy some alone time with Bennett. We've been rather busy with our time though, since nine of my girlfriends are coming over for some much needed girl time, drinks, Wii and eating our brains out (it's what we do best). A recharge.

Here's our weekend in pictures.

I'm one blessed girl. These arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Aren't they fabulous? I think so! It's the most flowers I've EVER gotten. Thanks honey!

Ok, back to what Bennett and I've been doing with out time.

First we laid around and took some pictures. Bennett was very cooperative.

We took pictures of our chubby baby feet.

And our pretty blue eyes.

Then we he was up by 7am (so much for sleeping in) and we were busy making some yummy treats for our party tonight.

Then it started snowing and snowing and snowing.

Then we tried out the bath seat but learned we aren't quite ready for it yet.

Then after a few errands we came home, relaxed and watched some ski jumping.

Then we finished our yummy treats.

Bet you wish you were coming to my house tonight.
For a recharge!

Friday, February 12, 2010


- has the longest eye lashes in human history. Which, from my perspective, is totally unfair. (click on the above picture)

- has the best red hair.

- is extremely independent.

- wants to do things in his own way and in his own time.

- doesn't know a single letter of the alphabet but will probably learn them all (when he's ready) in a day. Actually, he probably knows some now but refuses to acknowledge that he does.

- loves playing Star Wars and Transformers.

- can't wait for daddy to get home so they can wrestle.

- talks non-stop.

- is always the last one done eating. Usually because he never stops talking long enough to eat.

- loves to help me out around the house.

- loves getting Emily in her kennel and giving her a treat.

- is pretty good at getting Emily to sit and lay down.

- loves being outside.

- was doing well at swimming and then decided he didn't like it a couple of weeks ago. He's got his swimming teacher wrapped around his finger since he has somehow convinced her to carry him to the pool.

- loves playing with play-doh, coloring (usually with a black marker), playing games and running on the Wii.

- has a great imagination and loves to play by himself.

- brings puppy with him wherever he goes. Last week puppy even took a dip in the toilet (and then a dip in the washer).

- will be playing soccer this summer.

- is going to preschool in the fall.

- loves being a big brother.

- wants to sing 1 song before going to nap and bed everyday. Lately its been a Christmas song but the other day he did ask if I would sing, no.

- still needs a nap.

- is very inquisitive.

- loves watching Chuggington, Star Wars, Gumby and Transformers.

- is very focused.

- loves riding four-wheelers and snowmobiles.

- isn't a big cuddle bug.

- is the cutest, sweetest most outgoing 3 year old I know.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


- is just 2 months shy of turning 5.

- has the cutest freckles on his nose.

- needs to go the doctor for his Kindergarten shots and neither of us is looking forward to that.

- is enjoying his role as biggest brother. He loves to help out with Bennett.

- can spell his first and last name with no help.

- is still taller then most of his friends.

- likes it when daddy comes home so they can wrestle.

- loves coloring, dot-to-dot, mazes, puzzles, PBS games and play-doh.

- holds the door for me (almost) every time we enter a building, without being asked.

- likes to stomp his feet when he doesn't get his way.

- loves playing Wii bowling, sword fighting, and Star Wars Legos.

- is skipping his nap more and more.

- loves to help feed Emily.

- refers to Sam, Treylyn, Andrew and Westin as his best friends.

- could play Star Wars or Transformers everyday.

- loves to cuddle with his daddy in the morning.

- has been cleaning his plate almost every night. (Must be growing)

- Wears a size 1 shoe (the biggest of all his friends).

- likes my new camera and asks me to take his picture several times a day. Mostly so he can make a funny face and see it on the screen.

- sleeps like a rock and does not like to be woken up.

- asks to watch Dinosaur Train and Chuggington everyday.

- is doing really well at swimming lessons.

- will be playing softball this spring and soccer this summer.

- has really dark hair it seems. We need the summer back where it will get much lighter. It doesn't help that its a little longer then normal.

- is the sweetest, most caring, energetic, fun-loving little 4 year old I know.

Just too tired

Just too darn tired.

To shop at Target. Or care that your head is resting on a bar.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's here!

Turning 30 is hard but turning 30 and getting a new camera for your birthday isn't so bad. My new camera arrived today, a few weeks ahead of my 30th birthday. It's a beast and there is so much to learn and figure out. It's a little overwhelming but also very exciting. We spent the evening snapping pictures as fast as we could. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can play with it in the daylight. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to come. For now, enjoy these.

This picture reminds me so much of me as a baby. He's got my head that's for sure.

Bennett has become a fan of chewing on anything and everything. Like his fist.

Or daddy's hand.

Or maybe his elbow. Doesn't seem to matter to him.