Friday, February 12, 2010


- has the longest eye lashes in human history. Which, from my perspective, is totally unfair. (click on the above picture)

- has the best red hair.

- is extremely independent.

- wants to do things in his own way and in his own time.

- doesn't know a single letter of the alphabet but will probably learn them all (when he's ready) in a day. Actually, he probably knows some now but refuses to acknowledge that he does.

- loves playing Star Wars and Transformers.

- can't wait for daddy to get home so they can wrestle.

- talks non-stop.

- is always the last one done eating. Usually because he never stops talking long enough to eat.

- loves to help me out around the house.

- loves getting Emily in her kennel and giving her a treat.

- is pretty good at getting Emily to sit and lay down.

- loves being outside.

- was doing well at swimming and then decided he didn't like it a couple of weeks ago. He's got his swimming teacher wrapped around his finger since he has somehow convinced her to carry him to the pool.

- loves playing with play-doh, coloring (usually with a black marker), playing games and running on the Wii.

- has a great imagination and loves to play by himself.

- brings puppy with him wherever he goes. Last week puppy even took a dip in the toilet (and then a dip in the washer).

- will be playing soccer this summer.

- is going to preschool in the fall.

- loves being a big brother.

- wants to sing 1 song before going to nap and bed everyday. Lately its been a Christmas song but the other day he did ask if I would sing, no.

- still needs a nap.

- is very inquisitive.

- loves watching Chuggington, Star Wars, Gumby and Transformers.

- is very focused.

- loves riding four-wheelers and snowmobiles.

- isn't a big cuddle bug.

- is the cutest, sweetest most outgoing 3 year old I know.

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