Thursday, June 25, 2009

P, P, P....what begins with P?




Since summer has finally arrived the boys have mastered the art of being a pool bum! It's really not that hard to do. We've also enjoyed LOTS of picnics which has led us to learning our peanut cracking skills.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is our daddy. Can you believe he can actually sleep like this? Mommy always gives him grief for being able to sleep anywhere and anyhow. Personally, we just thinks she's jealous of his (and our) narcoleptic ways. Our daddy is also really good at lots of other things too. And since today is Father's Day, which according to mommy means its daddy's special day and he need do whatever he wants, (I hope he wants to go swimming) Declan and I thought we would share with you why our daddy is so special.

He's the best daddy because he wrestles with us, plays airplane with us, let's us play Legos on the tv when Mommy's at work, takes us to the park, lets us help him mow the lawn, lets us help him with the basement, catches the kitties for us so we can pet them, takes me to school, builds sand castles in the sand box, takes us swimming, watches movies and cartoons with us, goes to work everyday so we can eat at Pizza Ranch and McDonalds, (and he mentioned a whole lot of other things he needs to work for but these two stuck out in our mind) lets me snuggle with him in the morning, fixes our broken toys, plays catch with us, reads us books every night and tucks us into bed every night.

Mommy said he's special because he loves us and takes care of us and brings home the bacon (I prefer sausage though!) and because he'd do anything for us.

We love you daddy! Happy Father's Day.

Carson and Declan

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Shoot

After church on Sunday we went over to the bridge by our house in the hopes that we could capture some cute pictures of the boys. Earlier this spring I had the thought that I could save some money and take my own picture of the boys instead of paying someone for a professional picture. Well we know why they are professionals, not only can they take great pictures but they also seem to have the ability to control the kids. A trait that is not possessed by me, Trevor or grandma and papa. They just got goofier as we went along. But we did have fun and we did get some cute shots of the boys. Here are a few, or maybe lots, of my favorites.

Doesn't it look like he is pinching Declan? And the look on Declan's face even resembles that!

And their attention span for pictures ended as they went running down the bridge with Papa.

It's not too often that Trevor and I get a decent picture of just the two of us.

Omaha Zoo

This past weekend we took the boys (and grandma and papa) to the Omaha Zoo. This is our third (Really?) summer in Sioux Falls and we have gone every year. It's such an incredible zoo. The boys had been talking about it for weeks. So at the crack (Carson was up at 3:30 ready to go) of dawn we woke up to drive down to Omaha for the day. Thanks to a new Transformer DVD and grandma sitting between them the boys were entertained the whole way.

Our traditional family photo on the REAL steam engine train. It's one of the neatest trains to ride. And I think the boys enjoyed it since they asked no less then 173 times if we could ride it again.

Apparently it was wear blue to the zoo day. Declan and I seemed to have missed that plan though.

Success! They are both looking at the camera.

Even the loud noise of the train whistle and the blowing steam couldn't keep him awake. When he's ready for a nap, he's ready for a nap. Good thing Papa's hand was there for a pillow.

All sacked out.

After the train ride it was time to hit the pavement and see all the animals.

Like the bears

And the penguins (probably my favorite exhibit)

Carson was in animal heaven. Running around like he was on crack from animal to animal. He is definitely a fan of the zoo.

Time for a break and a snack.

We also checked out the gorillas (not just the ones you can climb on).

And before we left we hit the carousel. Not once...

But twice.

After 5+ hours at the zoo they crashed on the ride home., watching Transformers of course.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Someone is having fun with their new swim goggles.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4D Ultrasounds Rock

22 weeks or 5 1/2 months pregnant or 18 more weeks. Yowza! Either way I had one of the neatest experiences today. As I've said before I was chosen to be part of a study through this pregnancy and the babies 1st year. As part of that study I am blessed with 2 extra ultrasounds (and a gift card to Target!). My fist ultrasound was today and I had the opportunity to check out our peanut in 4D! Wow, it was awesome. Seriously, it left me speechless and I've been staring at the pictures ever since. It's like a real live look inside. And well let's just say that this Peanut definitely has my grandma's, and my mom's and Carson's, and my nose. Oh to be so lucky!!

He or she is also still measuring big. It seems in the last 2 weeks I have gone from measuring 6 days ahead to measuring 2 weeks ahead. Oye! Carson measured 2 weeks ahead the entire pregnancy so looks like this one is right on track to be a big baby too. Here are some pictures from my ultrasound today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.