Monday, November 30, 2009

One busy long weekend.

It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend for us. All the grandparents, family, friends, snow, parades, football, shopping, Santa, movies and of course lots of food...good food!

Bennett spent Thanksgiving day being a ham, checking out Great-Grandma Blomer, hanging out with his brothers and of course looking cute!

The big boys spent the day playing in the snow, playing with their (3rd) cousins, and riding four-wheeler. That's Trevor with all 5 little kids on the 4-wheeler. They were having a blast!

Carson also sat on Santa's lap. Declan would have nothing to do with the jolly old fella!

And he even told him what he wanted for Christmas. Hopefully that thought stays the same and he should be one happy little boy come Christmas morning.

The boys also made cookies with Mrs. Claus.

Took some pictures in a sleigh.

Made some snowman crafts.

Had hot chocolate.

And rode on a horse drawn sleigh.

And the end result...
One little boy who skipped nap one too many days and passed out during story time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm thankful for....

1. My husband who gets up and goes to work everyday so that I can stay home. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. He is an amazing husband, father and friend. He is patient, loving, kind, fun and the best wrestler 2 little boys could ask for!

2. Three healthy, beautiful, energetic, lovable and amazing boys. They are the light of our world and we are most thankful for them.

3. Our house, especially my new bedroom and closet. She made need some work but we are so blessed to own a house.

4. Our parents to whom we owe many thanks. A lot of things would not be possible without their generosity, love and kindness. Not to mention they are the 4 best grandparents we could ask for.

5. My friends. I've been blessed with some of the most amazing friends in my life. We have shared laughter, tears, new babies, new marriages, new jobs, re-locations and many memories. They provide me with some much needed sanity and support throughout the week.

6. My new mini-van that fits all my kids. I'm thankful for it since I just dropped $525 into it.

7. DVR. Oh I'm ever so thankful for you!! Where would I be without it....don't answer that.

May you find many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And may you enjoy the good company of friends and family. And may you Gobble till you Wobble. God Bless you always!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Baby Bennett's in the tub.

And guess who he looks like?

Carson! Minus a little different cheeks and, as my mom pointed out today, no dimples (on Bennett). But man do they have the same eyes and nose. Well that and the fact that they were both big!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deer Hunting

November is hunting month in our house. And as the only girl I'm pretty much outnumbered in the excitement for it. Trevor spent two weekends trying to get his deer. This picture is from the first weekend...he was unsuccessful in getting one for himself but he played a pretty good part in getting some of these.

He did manage to get some great shots of the sunset.

So the 2nd weekend we all headed up to the farm. The boys were thrilled to hunt deer. They even had their own holsters and boom guns.

"Mommy come look at Daddy's deer. It's a Mommy deer. He shot it when it was trying to get away with his boom gun. Bam Bam! He cracked it open and got all the guts out. The guts are still out there." `Declan

And when they weren't deer hunting they were busy riding the new four wheeler and grandpa's tractor. Trevor says Declan wasn't getting squished but from the looks of this picture I'd beg to differ!

And me? What did I do while they hunted for deer?

I hung out with this little guy and slept when he slept which was the best thing I could have done.

And the boys laid around too...

checking out their brother.

And then...

He Smiled!

And all the frustration from sleepless nights, nursing problems and general new (again) parent grogginess went away! This is the best!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Three pictures.
Three different moments.
Three times we became parents.
Three boys.
Three times the love.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Candy, Candy, Candy

Halloween is like lasts for at least a week and the candy is never ending!

Ours started last Monday with Carson's school party. And wasn't he pleasantly surprised when his BFF showed up wearing a Clone Trooper costume.

Then it continued on Friday with a party at our friends house. And look she successfully corralled all children by letting them watch Garfield. This has got to be the stillest and quietest all these children have ever been when they are together.

And then we carved pumpkins. Neither boy was interested in getting dirty or touching the pumpkin guts.

But they did like the outcomes of our pumpkins.

Especially the ghost pumpkin!

I kind of like the bat pumpkin which was my idea but I have no pumpkin carving ability (hence the ghost) so my talented husband did that one.

And where was Bennett during all this?

Just hanging out sleeping and looking cute in orange.

And then it was FINALLY time to get dressed and go trick or treating.

Oh and try and get a decent picture of them in their costumes.

But it seems that maybe the sugar high hit before we had any sugar.

Its hard to concentrate when you are SO EXCITED!

Good thing they are cute!

And then we were off

And then we came home with this. And now I'm trying to pawn this off on whoever will take it!!