Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deer Hunting

November is hunting month in our house. And as the only girl I'm pretty much outnumbered in the excitement for it. Trevor spent two weekends trying to get his deer. This picture is from the first weekend...he was unsuccessful in getting one for himself but he played a pretty good part in getting some of these.

He did manage to get some great shots of the sunset.

So the 2nd weekend we all headed up to the farm. The boys were thrilled to hunt deer. They even had their own holsters and boom guns.

"Mommy come look at Daddy's deer. It's a Mommy deer. He shot it when it was trying to get away with his boom gun. Bam Bam! He cracked it open and got all the guts out. The guts are still out there." `Declan

And when they weren't deer hunting they were busy riding the new four wheeler and grandpa's tractor. Trevor says Declan wasn't getting squished but from the looks of this picture I'd beg to differ!

And me? What did I do while they hunted for deer?

I hung out with this little guy and slept when he slept which was the best thing I could have done.

And the boys laid around too...

checking out their brother.

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