Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Candy, Candy, Candy

Halloween is like birthdays...it lasts for at least a week and the candy is never ending!

Ours started last Monday with Carson's school party. And wasn't he pleasantly surprised when his BFF showed up wearing a Clone Trooper costume.

Then it continued on Friday with a party at our friends house. And look she successfully corralled all children by letting them watch Garfield. This has got to be the stillest and quietest all these children have ever been when they are together.

And then we carved pumpkins. Neither boy was interested in getting dirty or touching the pumpkin guts.

But they did like the outcomes of our pumpkins.

Especially the ghost pumpkin!

I kind of like the bat pumpkin which was my idea but I have no pumpkin carving ability (hence the ghost) so my talented husband did that one.

And where was Bennett during all this?

Just hanging out sleeping and looking cute in orange.

And then it was FINALLY time to get dressed and go trick or treating.

Oh and try and get a decent picture of them in their costumes.

But it seems that maybe the sugar high hit before we had any sugar.

Its hard to concentrate when you are SO EXCITED!

Good thing they are cute!

And then we were off

And then we came home with this. And now I'm trying to pawn this off on whoever will take it!!

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