Thursday, March 30, 2006

Q is for Quite a Busy Boy

I am getting pretty good at this eating thing. No more baby food for me. This spaghetti is sure good. And I know what you are thinking and YES some of it did get in my tummy.

I found this diaper box makes a nice car. My dad likes to drive me around the house in it. Here is a video of me and my dad.

As you can see out the window all of our snow is gone. I usually spend my morning staring out the window. My mom loves all the finger prints I leave on it.

I am also quite fond of mom's curtains. I like to get all tangled up in them and play peek-a-boo. Where is Carson?

Here I am!

Where's Carson?

Hey Mom, I am over here.....tricked you!

I tend to enjoy crawling under or over things. Lets see if I can get under this chair. It's a tight fit.

OK, now that I am do I back up?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

P is for pretty busy weekend.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Where is my green beer?

This weekend we headed to the car show to loook at all the cars mommy and daddy cannot afford.
First we tried out the new Tahoe. It had a tv. I could get used to that. Don't I look good behind the wheel?

My mom and I sat in a Lincoln LS. Mom, let me drive. I know what I am doing.

This was my dad's favorite car at the show....the Dodge Challenger. As you can see I was not to interested in it. Is it time to go yet?

Seriously, how many cars can we look at in one day? Who can I call to get me out of here?

Oh wait....a clown....with a balloon.

Friday, March 10, 2006

O is for Oh the things I can do.

It seems my dad has found amusement in vaccuuming my hair.

Mom, is he supposed to be doing this? Is my hair really that dirty?

It was nice enough to go outside the other day. I discovered rocks.

They make a great teething toy.

You can call my Houdini if you like. My mom still isn't sure how this happened.

Swimming lessons are almost over. But the other day we got to use life jackets. This one was a little big on me but my dad got it to work.

He tried to get me to float on my back but I not so sure about this back floating thing.

But put me on my tummy and I can splash and kick all over the place.

Friday, March 3, 2006

N is for New Hair

My mom finally broke down and gave me my first hair cut. Here is my before picture...

and after...
Ta Da! What do you think? I can finally see without having my hair in my face.

M is for My vacation

My mom and I went on vacation to Tucson, Arizona. We got to fly down there to visit my Grandma and Grandpa. Here is a picture of me on my first airplane ride.

We had nice weather. One day it was even nice enough to eat outside.

My grandma and granda took me to the zoo. It was the first time I had ever been to the zoo.

While we were these I got to see alot of neat animals. They had zebras, polar bears, giraffes and alligators and lots of other fun animals.

Oh, a duck. Maybe I can get close enough to touch it.

The giraffes were my favorite. Look at how big there are!

Here we are checking out a big aquarium of fish and turtles.

At the end I got this really cool snake at the zoo store.

Here we are heading to Nogales, Mexico. Mom, you have my birth certificate right, so we can get back home?

Before we went back to America we stopped for some Mexican food at Olga's Mexican Restaurant. Mom got a kick out of the name. My mom said it was the best Gaucamole she has ever had. I tasted it too....not bad. Now, can I have some of that Margarita?

Phew, they let us back into America. I think my mom was worried there for a minute.

On our last day mom and grandma took me to the park. I tried out this swing they had there. I am not so sure about swinging. I must have inherited my parents queasy stomach for things like this.

My mom took me down the slide. Mom, isn't there a bigger one then this?

I even tasted dirt. As you can see from my expression it's not the best thing I have tasted.

L is for Larger Family

As you can see from my new shirt we have news!
I am going to be a BIG brother. I am not quite sure what that all means but I will figure it out. Mom said I will be a BIG brother around Oct. 23rd. That is also my daddy's birthday.