Thursday, November 29, 2007

There Mine Too!

Clearly this site is wrong when it comes to Declan. I did give birth to them I want some credit for it. He did get his red hair from ME though!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Great Thanksgiving Weekend

It was a whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend for us. We spent 2 days with my in-laws and 2 days with my parents. I'm exhausted but it was a great weekend. We spent Thanksgiving with 32 of our friends and family, the company was great and the food was even better.

Trevor and I went out on Saturday night to Barnes and Noble, something we used to do in our college days quite frequently, I opened a book and read about 4 pages of it before my head literally hit the table. I was so tired from everything over the weekend. I'm sure Trevor thought I was a wonderful date. Luckily we were able to go out Friday night and I managed to stay up till midnight, so I'm not that pathetic.

We are thankful for many things this year. And even though Thanksgiving has come and gone I will share them with you anyways....

1. Our 2 very healthy, happy and cute little boys. Our life would not be complete without them. What a blessing they are to us.
2. My husband who works long hours and provides for us without any hesitation (well, sometimes a swift quick in the butt to get out of bed). He is my ROCK and my life and I am so very thankful that he is a part of it and we get to experience life together.
3. For our new house. We close one week from today!!!
4. For our parents who support us and give us so much. We love you all and we thank you for everything that you have done for us.
5. For nap time. I love nap time.
6. Hot chocolate on cold days.
7. For Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chip and Dale, Diego and any other cartoon that Carson watches so I can have a moment to shower or clean or take care of Declan.
8. For Christmas music, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and all other things Christmas. I love this time of the year!
9. For being 95% done with our Christmas shopping.
10. For a roof over our head, heat in our house, the clothes on our back and the food on our table. Thank you God.

Ok, now for some weekend pictures.

Most of the 32 people sitting down to eat. It's hard to get them all in a picture!

I'm fairly certain Declan didn't eat much of his dinner. But he did enjoy practicing his silverware use with the olives. No pictures of Carson at the table because I'm fairly certain he was only there for a few seconds!

Since grandpa and grandpa made the trip out grandpa got to try his hand at driving Carson around on the 4-wheeler.

Afterwards his (2nd) cousin Macy was more then happy to share her crafts with him. It was his first try and scissors and he did pretty well.

Grandma and Declan

I think he's ready for a king bed.

Being silly.

And more silliness.

This is what's known in my family as "the look." My parents have countless pictures of my sister and I with this same look on our face. I see its genetic and lucky for me its been passed on to my son.

All ready for church.

Grandma had this great idea that the boys should decorate her cookies for her. Hmmmm, frosting and sprinkles + 2 boys = them eating the cookies and sprinkles while mommy does the actual decorating.

Because eating them is WAY more fun then decorating.

I'm pretty sure Carson dipped and licked his at least 3 times.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Cold Football Game

This weekend we went to the NDSU v. SDSU football. Since we don't play the hated (and I use that term to its FULL extent....sorry dad) Sioux anymore this has become the BIG rivalry game for our beloved Bison, or Bize as Carson calls them. The stadium seats about 7,000 to 8,000 people but how many people did they squeeze in there on Saturday?

Oh a mere 16,435

So you could say it was packed! In fact, we sat in the end zone, on the ground, amidst druken college kids.

But it was fun, really it was. Cold, but fun.

Sadly, our Bison lost 24-29. Only their 2nd lost in 2 seasons. And since the NCAA has some weird rules about going Div 1 the Number 1 team in Div 1-AA won't be going to the playoffs.

But that's a whole other topic for a whole other day.

In the meantime here are some pictures of our day at the game.

Ok, this one's not from the game but it's too cute to not post.

And lastly here are some funny Carson stories I've heard over the last few days.

The other day Carson and I were playing in our baskets of assorted balls I have for the boys. Clearly, I wasn't paying enough attention to him because he stuck a small ball into a whole on Trevor's subwoofer. So I went and grabbed the flashlight and a wooden spoon to retrieve said ball from the sub. We were both laying on the floor looking for it and when I realized it wasn't coming out I wispered to Carson, "Daddy is going to kick your butt." A few minutes later I was expalianing that we don't stick things in there because we can never get them out and it can break, blah blah blah. He whispered back,

"Yeah, daddy kick my butt."

Carson has been saying, I mean yelling, "Hee-Haw" all the time. Often times it in the grocery store while standing up in the cart yelling it at the top of his lungs.

Fun Stuff!

So the other day we were sitting at breakfast and this is how the conversation went.

Me: "Carson what animal says hee -haw?"

Carson: After a LONG pause...."a gi-affe"

Who knew!

I've started putting the boys down for a nap at the same time. Why? Well because then I get even more time to myself.

Because really, it is all about me.

Declan usually does his typical moaning and babbling to sleep and within 5 minutes they are both out. Today Declan was carrying on quite a bit. Carson was quite so I assumed he was out since he pretty much asked to go to bed. Well about 10 minutes into Declan's babbling. I hear Carson shout, and I mean shout....

"Go to BED De-can."

Obviously little brother was keeping him awake.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Angel

Tonight as I was getting supper ready Carson came over with his blanket on his head. With out being questioned he said,
"Mama I an angel."

It seems they talked about angels at school today. So I quickly pulled out the camera and recorded these two videos.

He will give his angels charge of you
to guard you in all your ways.
On their hands they will bear you up,
lest you dash your foot against a stone
Psalms 91: 11-12

Dear God, thank you for my wonderful son. Thank you for sending me these sweet moments with him that make me appreciate him even more. These moments remind me how tender and innocent he is and how much I look forward to teaching him about you and your son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Cake and Deer Meat, what a combination.

Last Thursday we were invited to Sam's 3rd birthday party.
Happy Birthday Samus!

Here are 3 little guys (Dylan, Gage and Lucas) checking out, I mean drooling over, the cupcakes.

Apparently they must have been better then his birthday cake because Declan ate WAY more of these cupcakes. In fact he was seen, multiple times, picking up crumbs from various places and eating them. That's my boy eating off the floor...I was so proud.

Carson just ate the frosting. Nothing like frosting for breakfast!

This weekend was deer hunting weekend and apparently nobody prayed for me because check this out......

Yep, that's righ not one but TWO deer. Yippee! Anybody want some deer meat?

Hanging out with grandpa.

Passed out on the car ride home. His hand has to be asleep!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The true meaning of Christmas

Trevor and I have been talking alot about Christmas lately. Mostly, how to teach the boys about the true meaning of Christmas and not let it become so materialistic. We've talked about adopting a needy family, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army or volunteering our time in some other way to help them learn about Christmas. It's something that has weighed heavy on my heart and as I sat at the computer today I read JMom's post and I couldn't have said it any better. Here is her post......

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Want is a 4 Letter Word
If there is a word that is quickly becoming unwelcome in my home it is the word "want." It is our 4 letter word.

I want that.
I don't want this.
But I want you to...
I don't want him to...
I said I wanted...

Their words represent the selfish attitude of my own heart and serve as a painful reminder of the human propensity to desire, crave, demand and covet. Unfortunately, I unknowingly fed this beast by giving the children toy catalogs as they came in a few months ago. I thought it was harmless fun. They have been occupied for hours over the last month or so peering at the pages. If only it had stopped there! Now they beg me for the mail so they can show me all of the things "Santa is gonna bwing."

Today I made a radical decision. There are no more toy catalogs in the house. My children were perfectly happy with the toys they have currently until they became consumers and started to obsess over all there is out there that they do not yet possess. I want to protect their innocence a little more from this rampant consumerism that has held me captive for too long.

I want them to enjoy Christmas. I hope they are excited to hope for things and thrilled to receive as well as give. I do not want them, however, to be so blinded by their "want" that they miss the countless things they have to be thankful for. This is tough. I am as apt as they are to get "sucked in" to the temptation of overdoing the material, consumer side of Christmas.

Lord, show me how to make Christmas magical in deep lasting ways. The gifts are fun, but the greatest gift is the One you gave. Ground us in perspective, Lord. Forgive us for ever allowing stuff to upstage your Son. Amen.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Love Christmas!

I know it's early but I couldn't resist. Must have been the Christmas shopping this weekend that got me in the Christmas spirit. So I added a new playlist that is all my favorite Christmas music. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Merry Christmas!

Big Boys

Carson wanted to sit in the big chair at breakfast this morning so I was too lazy to pull out the highchair for Declan. Look how big he looks in Carson's seat? However, after more then half his food ended up on the floor I realized we would not be getting rid of the highchair anytime soon.

And of course Carson wanted me to take a picture of him too.

I dug out their winter coats this morning to make sure they fit. Carson LOVED his and would not take it off. He went around the house like this for at least 20 minutes. Then he insisted on wearing it when we left. It's a little puffy for the car. Declan's was even funnier on but my camera battery was dead so I couldn't get a picture. His I think may be too puffy to wear. He needs longer arms!

Carson reading a book on mommy's bed.

This morning I had a meeting and afterwards we all decided to take the kids to Pizza Ranch for lunch. That was 5 adults and 9 kids. What were we thinking? It must have been a very weak moment. Anyway, we left first to go get a table and Carson was very ecstatic to go to the "Pizza Rash." with his "fwends." Here is how the conversation went as we were getting out of the car.

Carson: "Momma Pizza Rash?"

Me: Yep, we're going to eat pizza with our friends.

Carson: (While rubbing his belly) "Momma I vewy hungy."

I wish I had a video of him rubbing his belly.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Light, Camera, Movies!!

Grandpa Cameron and I took Carson to his first movie this weekend. The Bee Movie. It's good by the way, especially if you like Jerry Senfield humor. Carson did great. He sat in his seat for most of the show and enjoyed a big bag of popcorn.

It was nice enough yesterday to head to the park with the boys before grandma and grandpa left. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hawwe Hawwoween!

We started our Halloween morning off by reading the newspaper, I mean a book, at the breakfast table.

And we said some prayers. Declan's new trick is trying to fold his hands.

Then we tried to have some brotherly love.

But that quickly turned into a, "get him off me," cry.

We got dressed and headed to a Halloween party for my MOMS Club. The boys made trick or treat bags, we had lunch (if you count cookies and candy for lunch) and trick or treated with our friends. So by noon we had more candy then one 2.5 year old needs in a lifetime which led to a horrible meltdown at nap time. However, I won the battle and he eventually conked out.

After nap time we took to carving a pumpkin.

They wanted nothing to do with it until all the goo was out of it and there was, "howles mama" (from the eyes). Then they were all over it like syrup on pancakes.

Carson seemed to enjoy beating it with the tracing tool the kit came with. Good Times.

When I first tried to get them to sit for a picture Carson wouldn't cooperate. So, I threatened trick-or-treating and he promptly sat his butt down. Sadly, that same threat did not work when trying to get him to look at the camera. Hmmm, can I start bribing with Santa?

Declan was a freak about the pumpkin. He wanted to take ALL the candy out of it, mush it between his fingers and then put it back. Works well when he is holding a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Oh, but he's so cute.

My Big Skeleton

Mommy and her skeletons!

Helping Daddy light the pumpkin.
It was odd that it was so light out last night. Normally we have changed time by now so it would have been dark last night at 6. But it was still pretty light out at 6 when we were ready to go.

Ta Da! The pumpkin in all its glory.

It must have been a good night because Declan woke up with this fancy 'do this morning.

And a little video of Carson trick-or-treating.