Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Cake and Deer Meat, what a combination.

Last Thursday we were invited to Sam's 3rd birthday party.
Happy Birthday Samus!

Here are 3 little guys (Dylan, Gage and Lucas) checking out, I mean drooling over, the cupcakes.

Apparently they must have been better then his birthday cake because Declan ate WAY more of these cupcakes. In fact he was seen, multiple times, picking up crumbs from various places and eating them. That's my boy eating off the floor...I was so proud.

Carson just ate the frosting. Nothing like frosting for breakfast!

This weekend was deer hunting weekend and apparently nobody prayed for me because check this out......

Yep, that's righ not one but TWO deer. Yippee! Anybody want some deer meat?

Hanging out with grandpa.

Passed out on the car ride home. His hand has to be asleep!

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