Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hawwe Hawwoween!

We started our Halloween morning off by reading the newspaper, I mean a book, at the breakfast table.

And we said some prayers. Declan's new trick is trying to fold his hands.

Then we tried to have some brotherly love.

But that quickly turned into a, "get him off me," cry.

We got dressed and headed to a Halloween party for my MOMS Club. The boys made trick or treat bags, we had lunch (if you count cookies and candy for lunch) and trick or treated with our friends. So by noon we had more candy then one 2.5 year old needs in a lifetime which led to a horrible meltdown at nap time. However, I won the battle and he eventually conked out.

After nap time we took to carving a pumpkin.

They wanted nothing to do with it until all the goo was out of it and there was, "howles mama" (from the eyes). Then they were all over it like syrup on pancakes.

Carson seemed to enjoy beating it with the tracing tool the kit came with. Good Times.

When I first tried to get them to sit for a picture Carson wouldn't cooperate. So, I threatened trick-or-treating and he promptly sat his butt down. Sadly, that same threat did not work when trying to get him to look at the camera. Hmmm, can I start bribing with Santa?

Declan was a freak about the pumpkin. He wanted to take ALL the candy out of it, mush it between his fingers and then put it back. Works well when he is holding a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Oh, but he's so cute.

My Big Skeleton

Mommy and her skeletons!

Helping Daddy light the pumpkin.
It was odd that it was so light out last night. Normally we have changed time by now so it would have been dark last night at 6. But it was still pretty light out at 6 when we were ready to go.

Ta Da! The pumpkin in all its glory.

It must have been a good night because Declan woke up with this fancy 'do this morning.

And a little video of Carson trick-or-treating.

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