Monday, October 29, 2007

Things that start with the letter H

HOCKEY! Friday we scored tickets to the hockey game, front row! Plus we had about 6 seats to ourselves so the boys did pretty well at staying entertained. We made it through the whole game, OT and a shootout (we lost) so they must have had fun!

Hanging out at the hockey game.
Say Cheese Declan!

You'd think we were at a Gopher hockey game the way we were dressed.

HALLOWEEN! Saturday we hit Zoo Boo for some trick or treating. Carson didn't want much to do with putting on his costume. Somehow we got it on and once we got to the zoo and he realized what trick or treating involved he was VERY excited.

Waiting in line to collect our loot.

Daddy and his skeletons.

Declan pointed out EVERY pumpkin he could see.

Mr. Skeleton

In front of the fire truck.

HANGING out with Daddy while mommy works.

Uh-Oh (Declan's favorite word now)

You can even watch the video.....

And some picture outakes....THANK GOD for digital. I try to take good pictures but 99% of what I come out with is something like these......

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