Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three on Thursday: No pictures

No pictures this week. I've got pictures I want to show you, some pretty cute ones actually, but they are on my camera and I haven't had time to take them off and play with them yet. We are going out of town tomorrow, surprising the boys with a fun trip to a water park, they are going to lose their minds when they see it. So I'm busy. We're all busy actually....I should just come to the realization that this is our life! What are we busy doing??

* Getting ready for our Pack Meeting tonight. It's Trevor's first as Cubmaster. I'm busy blowing up balloons for a fun game and making cookies. Trevor's nervous but I know he'll do great!
* We've been trying to complete as many Cub Scout projects as we can with Carson so he can earn his badges before the end of the year. Since our Pack got off to a VERY slow start we are doing alot of catch up. He's had to do some memorizing and crafting but he should be all set for tonight for his first badge. He's ecstatic!
*Bennett is pooping on the potty. As in, he wants to poop EVERY time he goes pee. That's fun when you know he doesn't need too (because he's pooped 4 times already in the day) and your trying to convince him to get off the pot. Also, he'd like to watch himself poop but he has a giant belly and he can't see it. He tries though, usually by sitting as far back on the toilet and looking back....usually with his head almost touching the toilet. I should really get a picture of it since it's quite the site to see!
* Maddox is a rolling machine. He can make it all the way across the living room or until he runs into something. The boys think its a hoot.
* I'm busy making baby food for the little nugget. I'm not sure when I'll start, I'm in no hurry but our freezer is getting filled with avocado, sweet potatoes, mango, papaya and some squash so far. I've got lots of other things I want to freeze too. I've had a lot of fun doing it. Hopefully he likes it!
* Found out last week that I can let Declan stay after school until Carson gets out for Extended Learning. It's $15 a day plus lunch. I made the mistake of telling them and now Carson is DYING to have him there for lunch. He's asked every morning if Declan is staying at school. I'm hoping we can find some extra money to let him do it a few times. Especially because next year when Carson is in 2nd grade he won't eat or have recess with the Kindergarteners.
* We ordered flooring for our basement. Yay! It will be here Monday. I can't wait to have something down there besides rugs and cement.
* Parent teacher conferences were last week. Both boys are doing great! Hard to believe he have just a little over 2 months of school left.

Time to pack and do laundry and clean and probably find something for lunch. I promise there will be pictures next week!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three on Thursday: Sick and Tired

 All of the boys have been sick in the past two weeks. I shouldn't really complain because this is the first sickness we've had all winter and really, no one's puking, we're just coughing our lungs up every 2.3 seconds...which in case your curious can be REALLY annoying. It's a fun thing to get frustrated over (I'm working on my patience!). It's better then puke...I don't handle puke well, just ask Trevor. But it's still hard to see them not feeling well or sleeping well. Hopefully we've turned the corner and everyone will be back to their usual crazy, smiley self soon!

Declan had his tooth pulled a year ago and there's still no sign of a new one coming. Hopefully soon! The boys are all hanging out with grandma and Papa for a few days. It's a much, MUCH needed recharge for Trevor and I. Trevor is taking some time off work and we plan to be lazy, eat good food and SLEEP!

Trevor has been working a few overnights in the past month. Last week when he was home sleeping in the afternoon I went to let him know I was going to leave the boys home while I got Carson from school. When I went into our room he wasn't there. Weird...checked the bathroom, no Trevor, the big boys' room, no Trevor.....where could he be? Apparently sleeping in Bennett's crib! I'm here to tell you that man can sleep anywhere!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three on Thursday: Look whose getting big!

Guess who turned 5 months yesterday? It's weird because I keep thinking he's a newborn but then he starts rolling all over the place, laughing, grabbing everything he can get his little paws on, following Emily all over the house and falling asleep all by himself. This 5 months has gone by so fast, like they always do. I've started making some of my own baby food and freezing it for him. I don't really have any intention of starting anytime soon....that seems like such a chore! But when I do he'll have some avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots and whatever else I can find to make for him. I hope he likes it!

Bennett wanted in on Maddox's month pictures.Maddox was in a silly mood. 

Guess who made the step to the big boy bathtub this week. Carson has been booted to the shower. He likes it though so it was too tough to convince him. 

I made a cake the other day and everyone had something to lick when we were done.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Maddox smiling and talking away in his exersaucer! He's started smacking his lips, its hilarious! We just can't seem to catch it on video though.

I had a really crappy day the other day. Nothing real specific just a long day of mothering. Towards the end of it we were in line at the car wash and Declan started being silly and Bennett thought it was hysterical. His laugh sure brightened my otherwise awful day. It was just the thing I needed to hear to remind me why I didn't want to find the nearest 9 to 5 office job.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three on Thursday: Cell Phone Pictures

Thank God for smart phones. I mean, how did the world function without them? How did I function without it? I couldn't be on Facebook at any given moment, take pictures of my kids doing various silly things to send to my husband, find out where a birthday party was when we showed up at the wrong place or run 2.17  without stopping while listening to Pandora ON MY PHONE. Oh I suppose they called their friends to find out what they were doing or wrote them a letter, used a real camera, maybe even one with film, stopped at a gas station to ask for directions and well....I don't know how anyone ran before the invention of Itunes or me that seems pretty much impossible and something I don't want to experience. I'm high maintenance like that. So, if you look through my phone you'll find lots of fun pictures, mostly of my kids and lately of things I've cooked or homemade lasagna and bread or the chicken salad I made, for my mom and I, that was delicious. Apparently, I'm turning into a Betty Crocker right before your eyes!
Enough about food, onto some pictures..

Declan started soccer last week. It's right after he gets out of school on Wednesdays and most of those little kids are in his preschool class. As you can see Bennett would also like to be part of the class, as would two other siblings...can you see them? It's good for Declan, he's been needing something to keep him busy besides his baby brothers.

The other day they were playing doctor. Declan even set up a makeshift bed for Bennett. Sometimes they get along so well. 

Oh it's two pictures! We went to the Children's Museum the other day to enjoy our membership once last time. Our favorite room is the water room. The boys love having daddy there to explain on the intricate workings of water. Something tells me I'll have another engineer in my life some day!