Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three on Thursday: Sick and Tired

 All of the boys have been sick in the past two weeks. I shouldn't really complain because this is the first sickness we've had all winter and really, no one's puking, we're just coughing our lungs up every 2.3 seconds...which in case your curious can be REALLY annoying. It's a fun thing to get frustrated over (I'm working on my patience!). It's better then puke...I don't handle puke well, just ask Trevor. But it's still hard to see them not feeling well or sleeping well. Hopefully we've turned the corner and everyone will be back to their usual crazy, smiley self soon!

Declan had his tooth pulled a year ago and there's still no sign of a new one coming. Hopefully soon! The boys are all hanging out with grandma and Papa for a few days. It's a much, MUCH needed recharge for Trevor and I. Trevor is taking some time off work and we plan to be lazy, eat good food and SLEEP!

Trevor has been working a few overnights in the past month. Last week when he was home sleeping in the afternoon I went to let him know I was going to leave the boys home while I got Carson from school. When I went into our room he wasn't there. Weird...checked the bathroom, no Trevor, the big boys' room, no Trevor.....where could he be? Apparently sleeping in Bennett's crib! I'm here to tell you that man can sleep anywhere!

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  1. That is hilarious that Trevor fell asleep in the crib!!

    I hope you guys all feel better. Coughing is so annoying. I had one of those lingering coughs for ages this winter. After awhile I was so self conscious, worried that everyone around me was sick of listening to me!