Sunday, September 17, 2006

My First Real Haircut

Guess what I did this weekend?I got my haircut and it wasn't by my mom!

As you can see I paid close attention to the lady who cut my hair.
She was showing me the clippers she was going to use.

Here we go!
She started by using this fun clipper that kind of tickled.




How about this new do? Don't I look spiffy?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Enjoying the last of summer

Can you believe summer is almost over?
I helped my dad change the oil the other night. I was in charge of holding the tools.

I can't quite see over the top of the car yet. Maybe next year.

This is a much better view. Looks good from here dad.

I ventured to the State Fair this weekend.
We didn't make it far before grandma, grandpa and dad had to stop for a Pronto Pup (aka...a corn dog)

I checked out some big fish at the DNR building.

I saw a 1000 lb pig and scored these fabulous pig ears to take home with me. Aren't we cute?

Among my many fair tastings was a vanilla malt.

Mmm...that was pretty tasty.

My dad took me down the big yellow slide. And it was one BIG slide.


Whose idea was this slide again?

Ok, that wasn't so bad. Can we go again?

After all that fair food and rides I was one pooped kiddo.

I also hit the water this weekend. Sadly, it is probably the last time this summer.

My grandpa was trying to teach me how to kick my legs. I am still working on that.

After a quick dip in the lake it was time to play in the sand.

I was in charge of directing the sand castle building.

Hey! Where did my feet go?

You all think you are so funny. I will get you back.....I promise.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nothing but mischief

I have been getting into some mischief lately.

I found my cookies in mom's bag.
What better way to enjoy them then dumping them all over the floor!

I was at my grandma's house this weekend.
She has some neat drawers that I tried climbing into.

Oh, the spice drawer.
Pepper anyone?

I even escaped from taking a bath.
and snuck out onto the deck NAKED!

We had to stay in a motel this weekend.
So dad took me to the pool.

I love the water!
This one was shallow enough for me to stand in.

Check this out....
I could even sit in it.

The pool had a waterslide too.
Here is a picture of my dad and I going down. It was pretty fun.

Until I swallowed 10 gallons of water.
That part wasn't so fun.

But have no fear.
I was back in the water in no time.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Z is for Zany Toddler

How about a close up to start us off?

Check out this picture.
It was taken 1 year ago.

I can't believe how much I have grown!

My mom and dad set up a fan for me.
It took a bit of concentration to figure out how it worked.

Here I am all fresh and clean.

Dad had to work on the Durango the other day.
So I helped out by hanging out in the driver's seat.

My dad was trying to teach me to golf the other day.
But after that lesson I think I may be the better golfer.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.
I helped my grandpa read the Wall Street Journal.

Uh oh! Mom caught me.
Don't I look like a big boy?

Ok Ok.
I'll sit down.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Y is for Yours Truly

Greetings from Lake Waverly!
My mom and dad took me to the beach this weekend.

I even got dunked in the water by my dad.
It wasn't that bad.

except for the gallon of water I swallowed.

It was even shallow enough for me to stand in.
But enough of this water. How about some sand?

Hmmm....what is this?
It appears to be the makings of a sand castle.

Well, I can help with that.

I don't think this is what my dad had in mind.

I think I like it better this way.

As you can see I got covered in sand.
I was ok with most of it.

But, I wasn't so sure of it being on my feet.
It feels funny between my toes.

This requires a closer look.
Hmmm... lets see if I can get this sand off.

Just for the record.
It doesn't taste very good either.

Well besides eating the sand....
I had a great time at the beach. Until next time.....