Friday, October 30, 2009

One Month

Guess who is 1 month old today?

Yes, that would be this little guy. Mr. Bennett is already a month old. I really can't believe. He is doing great, eating like a champ and sleeping pretty good. A week ago he clocked in at 11lbs 7 oz which is almost 2lbs more then when we left the hospital. Carson and Declan are enjoying him and have turned into our little helpers.

He even enjoys his Baby Jacuzzi.

But then again who wouldn't enjoy it!

And I just want to eat up his little feet.

And he just wants to eat his little hands.

Here is Mr. Bennett's 1 month picture.

I did this same thing with Declan, this is him at 1 month. (But must not have had my marbles in a row with Carson because I never thought of it...Darn). Speaking of Declan I think its safe to say he is potty trained. Trevor and I knew once he figured it out he would be a piece of cake and we were right. Does everything by himself within a week! Way to go Declan!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 30th Birthday and a Rainbow Cake

Yesterday was Trevor's 30th birthday. To celebrate we bought a minivan. Ha! I don't think my dear husband expected to be doing that the day before the big 3-0! But, after 3 kids we came to the realization that it was something we needed. So Happy Birthday Honey! Thanks for the car.

For daddy's big day I decided to try and make THE Rainbow Cake. A few of my friends had made it and so I convinced myself that I could do it too. So I strapped the kid to me.

Because he of course did not want to take a nap.
And I got to work!

It was a 2 day project and in those 2 days I learned that I am not a baker. I ran out of frosting, frosting that called for 4 cups of cream cheese, 1 cup of butter and 6 cups of powdered sugar. diet starts today OR when the cake is gone! So it wasn't perfect looking but it was less intimidating to make then it looked.

And what did it look like inside?

And we have enough cake to feed a small army.
Happy Birthday Honey!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Family Walk

Saturday we spent the afternoon relaxing at Grandma Lee's. The sun was actually shining (something that hasn't happened in WEEKS) so we ventured out on a family walk. Carson pouted at first not wanting to go outside (per his usual self) but then he changed his mind and took off running for us.....

as a Transformer

or Star Wars guy,

I can never keep it straight.

And Declan just took off on his own.

Leading the way to the lake.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trevor 1, Mole 0

Towards the end of the summer we started to notice little trails in the park right near our property line. At the time they didn't go through our lawn so we ignored it...which is the proper homeowner thing to do. A few weeks later we noticed that they were starting to reach our lawn, again doing the proper home owner thing...we ignored. Then one day we stuck Emily out on her leash and she went nuts on the yard, digging a nice size whole in a matter of seconds. And it dawned on us...

She would be looking for the mole that had now dug its way through a good chunk of our backyard. Hmmm, note to self...ignoring mole trails close to your yard....not a good move.

So daddy and the big boys headed to Menards in search of some sort of Mole trap. What they came back with was slightly disturbing, sharp and reusable! Perfect. So they set the trap and checked it for a few nights...nothing. We thought maybe since it had snowed and gotten cold the mole had gone into mole hibernation. Then one day the trap was triggered but no mole. Seems the trap couldn't get through the ground. So, we reset it and one night last week...

Viola! Mole has been caught!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I have 3 little boys. 3 cute little boys! And look...those that can are actually looking at the camera and they may even be smiling. I love them to pieces! And I love them even more since they are all 3 napping at the same time today!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall or Winter?

In between snows this weekend (yes, its snowed twice even though there is no evidence of it in this picture) the boys went out to rake leaves. This is only a small fraction of the leaves that we will have to rake. Lucky for me, I'm out of commission this year!

It's been down right cold. Fall weather should not requite hats, mittens and our winter coats! But the boys could have cared less. On Sunday morning Declan requested that daddy, "turn on the snow machine again." Oh if he only could, he would! Seems the 2 older boys are cut from the same snow loving blood as my husband!

They wanted the snowmobile out and snowmen made and snowballs thrown but all we had was leaves and a few flakes at this moment.

The leaf pile ended up being taller then Declan.

And eventually everyone jumped in...even Emily!

The entertainment lasted for a few hours! We're hoping the leaves dry out from the snow so we can do some more leaf pile jumping!

And then the snow started coming down and we tried to catch it with our tongues. If it wasn't Oct 11th I would have thought it was gorgeous out but it is WAY to early for this business. Carson insisted his tasted like grapes.

Declan wasn't sure he wanted to taste any of it.

And Bennett stayed snuggled deep inside the Baby Ktan!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brotherly Love

For the last few weeks of my pregnancy the boys were used to going to the doctor bi-weekly. They new once we entered the room they would be granted a sucker or some other treat to occupy them. They had given up answering the question of brother or sister from every person we ran into. I think it was safe to say they were ready for this little person to make an entrance and as we got closer their anticipation grew.

Trevor and I weren't really sure what to expect from either of them. We hadn't done much to prepare them for what life would be like with a little one but we did answer their questions as they came. Most of which involved how the baby was going to get out of me. Which was always an interesting one to answer but we did, truthfully. And so Birth Day arrived and the boys were introduced to their new baby brother.

We were more then surprised to see their reaction. Carson wasn't sure about Bennett at first (I think you can tell from the look on his face in this picture). He was a little more shy then we expected, maybe nervous, not sure. But since Bennett has been home he's a whole new Big Brother. He's the one who wants to pick him up, give him kisses and hugs and show him off to his friends. Just the other night he was begging me to take him out of the pack-n-play so he would hold and kiss him.

Declan was thrilled from the beginning. He wanted to hold him and give him kisses constantly. He's turned into my little helper getting me diapers and wipes, finding a plug and shoving putting it in his mouth. He likes to report when his eyes are open and when they are closed, when he is crying and when he is eating.

And so we've watched...

as they've held him...

and showered him with kisses.

And brought him his new toy that they picked out just for him.

And requested that he be a part of story time before bed.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Declan!

Today is Declan's 3rd birthday. Wow! I have no idea where that time went. 3 years ago we welcomed a 7lb 7oz red-headed baby boy into this world. A week later Trevor started a new job in a new state and 2 weeks later we joined him. To say that was the craziest time in our life would be a vast understatement.

Our life would not be complete without this little man. He is our curious, talkative, independent little boy who has brought so much joy to our lives. He has tested us as parents in ways I never knew were possible....both good and bad. He's made me a better mother. When people say that red heads have a temper of their own (just ask my mom) they are not lying. He is tough, persistent and opinionated! And we wouldn't change it for the world (well, I could have bypassed the all out tantrum parts!). We love you to pieces Declan!

So Happy 3rd Birthday little man! May you continue to teach us, bless us and bring us joy for many more birthdays! May God be by your side today, tomorrow and always.

We celebrated Declan's birthday last week in the hospital with all the Grandmas and Papas.

Passing out cupcakes with Carson's help.

Enjoying a cupcake!

Showing off his new Gopher hat.

Being silly with his "cones."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Love

Bennett and I were discharged from the hospital on Saturday and we are so glad to be home.

Hard to believe its been more then a week since Mr. Bennett made his entrance into the world. It's been a week of excitement, exhaustion, midnight feedings, snuggling, diaper changes, spit ups, big brothers loving on little brother, naps and learning what its going to be like as a family of 5.

I've been snuggling with my little guy as much as I can. I didn't realize, until he was here, how much I missed those baby smells, baby feet, baby fingers, baby cries, and baby snuggles. So him and I have spent alot of time snuggling while daddy wrangles the big boys. Part of me doesn't want him to get any bigger because this newborn stage is awesome.

Especially those little tiny feet.

And those peaceful sleeping moments.

And the few moments where he is awake and trying to take in this crazy world around him. (And I have no idea why this picture won't upload at the right angle)

More to come soon on how Big Brothers are handling this new addition.