Friday, October 30, 2009

One Month

Guess who is 1 month old today?

Yes, that would be this little guy. Mr. Bennett is already a month old. I really can't believe. He is doing great, eating like a champ and sleeping pretty good. A week ago he clocked in at 11lbs 7 oz which is almost 2lbs more then when we left the hospital. Carson and Declan are enjoying him and have turned into our little helpers.

He even enjoys his Baby Jacuzzi.

But then again who wouldn't enjoy it!

And I just want to eat up his little feet.

And he just wants to eat his little hands.

Here is Mr. Bennett's 1 month picture.

I did this same thing with Declan, this is him at 1 month. (But must not have had my marbles in a row with Carson because I never thought of it...Darn). Speaking of Declan I think its safe to say he is potty trained. Trevor and I knew once he figured it out he would be a piece of cake and we were right. Does everything by himself within a week! Way to go Declan!

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  1. Amy -

    Bennett is darling! It looks and sounds like you guys are adjusting to life as a family of five fairly smoothly! I'm sending big hugs to you and some good sleep vibes as well! :)