Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall or Winter?

In between snows this weekend (yes, its snowed twice even though there is no evidence of it in this picture) the boys went out to rake leaves. This is only a small fraction of the leaves that we will have to rake. Lucky for me, I'm out of commission this year!

It's been down right cold. Fall weather should not requite hats, mittens and our winter coats! But the boys could have cared less. On Sunday morning Declan requested that daddy, "turn on the snow machine again." Oh if he only could, he would! Seems the 2 older boys are cut from the same snow loving blood as my husband!

They wanted the snowmobile out and snowmen made and snowballs thrown but all we had was leaves and a few flakes at this moment.

The leaf pile ended up being taller then Declan.

And eventually everyone jumped in...even Emily!

The entertainment lasted for a few hours! We're hoping the leaves dry out from the snow so we can do some more leaf pile jumping!

And then the snow started coming down and we tried to catch it with our tongues. If it wasn't Oct 11th I would have thought it was gorgeous out but it is WAY to early for this business. Carson insisted his tasted like grapes.

Declan wasn't sure he wanted to taste any of it.

And Bennett stayed snuggled deep inside the Baby Ktan!

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