Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trevor 1, Mole 0

Towards the end of the summer we started to notice little trails in the park right near our property line. At the time they didn't go through our lawn so we ignored it...which is the proper homeowner thing to do. A few weeks later we noticed that they were starting to reach our lawn, again doing the proper home owner thing...we ignored. Then one day we stuck Emily out on her leash and she went nuts on the yard, digging a nice size whole in a matter of seconds. And it dawned on us...

She would be looking for the mole that had now dug its way through a good chunk of our backyard. Hmmm, note to self...ignoring mole trails close to your yard....not a good move.

So daddy and the big boys headed to Menards in search of some sort of Mole trap. What they came back with was slightly disturbing, sharp and reusable! Perfect. So they set the trap and checked it for a few nights...nothing. We thought maybe since it had snowed and gotten cold the mole had gone into mole hibernation. Then one day the trap was triggered but no mole. Seems the trap couldn't get through the ground. So, we reset it and one night last week...

Viola! Mole has been caught!!

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