Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Declan!

Today is Declan's 3rd birthday. Wow! I have no idea where that time went. 3 years ago we welcomed a 7lb 7oz red-headed baby boy into this world. A week later Trevor started a new job in a new state and 2 weeks later we joined him. To say that was the craziest time in our life would be a vast understatement.

Our life would not be complete without this little man. He is our curious, talkative, independent little boy who has brought so much joy to our lives. He has tested us as parents in ways I never knew were possible....both good and bad. He's made me a better mother. When people say that red heads have a temper of their own (just ask my mom) they are not lying. He is tough, persistent and opinionated! And we wouldn't change it for the world (well, I could have bypassed the all out tantrum parts!). We love you to pieces Declan!

So Happy 3rd Birthday little man! May you continue to teach us, bless us and bring us joy for many more birthdays! May God be by your side today, tomorrow and always.

We celebrated Declan's birthday last week in the hospital with all the Grandmas and Papas.

Passing out cupcakes with Carson's help.

Enjoying a cupcake!

Showing off his new Gopher hat.

Being silly with his "cones."

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