Saturday, October 24, 2009

A 30th Birthday and a Rainbow Cake

Yesterday was Trevor's 30th birthday. To celebrate we bought a minivan. Ha! I don't think my dear husband expected to be doing that the day before the big 3-0! But, after 3 kids we came to the realization that it was something we needed. So Happy Birthday Honey! Thanks for the car.

For daddy's big day I decided to try and make THE Rainbow Cake. A few of my friends had made it and so I convinced myself that I could do it too. So I strapped the kid to me.

Because he of course did not want to take a nap.
And I got to work!

It was a 2 day project and in those 2 days I learned that I am not a baker. I ran out of frosting, frosting that called for 4 cups of cream cheese, 1 cup of butter and 6 cups of powdered sugar. diet starts today OR when the cake is gone! So it wasn't perfect looking but it was less intimidating to make then it looked.

And what did it look like inside?

And we have enough cake to feed a small army.
Happy Birthday Honey!

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