Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three on Thursday: Cell Phone Pictures

Thank God for smart phones. I mean, how did the world function without them? How did I function without it? I couldn't be on Facebook at any given moment, take pictures of my kids doing various silly things to send to my husband, find out where a birthday party was when we showed up at the wrong place or run 2.17  without stopping while listening to Pandora ON MY PHONE. Oh I suppose they called their friends to find out what they were doing or wrote them a letter, used a real camera, maybe even one with film, stopped at a gas station to ask for directions and well....I don't know how anyone ran before the invention of Itunes or me that seems pretty much impossible and something I don't want to experience. I'm high maintenance like that. So, if you look through my phone you'll find lots of fun pictures, mostly of my kids and lately of things I've cooked or homemade lasagna and bread or the chicken salad I made, for my mom and I, that was delicious. Apparently, I'm turning into a Betty Crocker right before your eyes!
Enough about food, onto some pictures..

Declan started soccer last week. It's right after he gets out of school on Wednesdays and most of those little kids are in his preschool class. As you can see Bennett would also like to be part of the class, as would two other siblings...can you see them? It's good for Declan, he's been needing something to keep him busy besides his baby brothers.

The other day they were playing doctor. Declan even set up a makeshift bed for Bennett. Sometimes they get along so well. 

Oh it's two pictures! We went to the Children's Museum the other day to enjoy our membership once last time. Our favorite room is the water room. The boys love having daddy there to explain on the intricate workings of water. Something tells me I'll have another engineer in my life some day!

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  1. Isn't it interesting that of all the awesome things that cellphones do, "making calls" probably falls in the middle of list of attributes? I agree though, so awesome to have such a multi-purpose life handy all the time.

    The water area of children's museums is always a big attraction for our family too!