Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Bison!!

This past weekend we painted our car (something I would suggest not doing since that paint sticks like glue...lesson learned), put on fake tattoos and adorned ourselves in as much NDSU paraphernalia as we could. What for you ask? To watch our NDSU Bison run all over the MN Gophers. The boys had a blast and so did Trevor and I since we were able to hang out with a bunch of old college friends. Downtown Minneapolis was packed with Bison fans Saturday night celebrating our team's victory and rubbing it in the faces of all those Gopher fans.

So, I'm doing this post in green in celebration of their victory!

The boys were up early in the hotel ("we're too excited") but as a result were able to get some good snuggle time with daddy.

A pre-game breakfast of yogurt and shredded wheat. Breakfast of champions!

My little Bison fan.

Our plan was to paint our hair green but Carson flipped out when we put the tattoo on so we just stuck with our Bison hat.
"Go Bize"

Declan's hair is getting long and so it makes for some fun crazy hairdos after bath.

I temporarily lost my mind today when I let Carson go to bed with Good Luck Bear. I didn't think it would last but sure enough he passed out with him.

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