Thursday, November 8, 2007

The true meaning of Christmas

Trevor and I have been talking alot about Christmas lately. Mostly, how to teach the boys about the true meaning of Christmas and not let it become so materialistic. We've talked about adopting a needy family, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army or volunteering our time in some other way to help them learn about Christmas. It's something that has weighed heavy on my heart and as I sat at the computer today I read JMom's post and I couldn't have said it any better. Here is her post......

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Want is a 4 Letter Word
If there is a word that is quickly becoming unwelcome in my home it is the word "want." It is our 4 letter word.

I want that.
I don't want this.
But I want you to...
I don't want him to...
I said I wanted...

Their words represent the selfish attitude of my own heart and serve as a painful reminder of the human propensity to desire, crave, demand and covet. Unfortunately, I unknowingly fed this beast by giving the children toy catalogs as they came in a few months ago. I thought it was harmless fun. They have been occupied for hours over the last month or so peering at the pages. If only it had stopped there! Now they beg me for the mail so they can show me all of the things "Santa is gonna bwing."

Today I made a radical decision. There are no more toy catalogs in the house. My children were perfectly happy with the toys they have currently until they became consumers and started to obsess over all there is out there that they do not yet possess. I want to protect their innocence a little more from this rampant consumerism that has held me captive for too long.

I want them to enjoy Christmas. I hope they are excited to hope for things and thrilled to receive as well as give. I do not want them, however, to be so blinded by their "want" that they miss the countless things they have to be thankful for. This is tough. I am as apt as they are to get "sucked in" to the temptation of overdoing the material, consumer side of Christmas.

Lord, show me how to make Christmas magical in deep lasting ways. The gifts are fun, but the greatest gift is the One you gave. Ground us in perspective, Lord. Forgive us for ever allowing stuff to upstage your Son. Amen.


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