Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Big Boys

Carson wanted to sit in the big chair at breakfast this morning so I was too lazy to pull out the highchair for Declan. Look how big he looks in Carson's seat? However, after more then half his food ended up on the floor I realized we would not be getting rid of the highchair anytime soon.

And of course Carson wanted me to take a picture of him too.

I dug out their winter coats this morning to make sure they fit. Carson LOVED his and would not take it off. He went around the house like this for at least 20 minutes. Then he insisted on wearing it when we left. It's a little puffy for the car. Declan's was even funnier on but my camera battery was dead so I couldn't get a picture. His I think may be too puffy to wear. He needs longer arms!

Carson reading a book on mommy's bed.

This morning I had a meeting and afterwards we all decided to take the kids to Pizza Ranch for lunch. That was 5 adults and 9 kids. What were we thinking? It must have been a very weak moment. Anyway, we left first to go get a table and Carson was very ecstatic to go to the "Pizza Rash." with his "fwends." Here is how the conversation went as we were getting out of the car.

Carson: "Momma Pizza Rash?"

Me: Yep, we're going to eat pizza with our friends.

Carson: (While rubbing his belly) "Momma I vewy hungy."

I wish I had a video of him rubbing his belly.

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