Thursday, March 30, 2006

Q is for Quite a Busy Boy

I am getting pretty good at this eating thing. No more baby food for me. This spaghetti is sure good. And I know what you are thinking and YES some of it did get in my tummy.

I found this diaper box makes a nice car. My dad likes to drive me around the house in it. Here is a video of me and my dad.

As you can see out the window all of our snow is gone. I usually spend my morning staring out the window. My mom loves all the finger prints I leave on it.

I am also quite fond of mom's curtains. I like to get all tangled up in them and play peek-a-boo. Where is Carson?

Here I am!

Where's Carson?

Hey Mom, I am over here.....tricked you!

I tend to enjoy crawling under or over things. Lets see if I can get under this chair. It's a tight fit.

OK, now that I am do I back up?

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