Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Shoot

After church on Sunday we went over to the bridge by our house in the hopes that we could capture some cute pictures of the boys. Earlier this spring I had the thought that I could save some money and take my own picture of the boys instead of paying someone for a professional picture. Well we know why they are professionals, not only can they take great pictures but they also seem to have the ability to control the kids. A trait that is not possessed by me, Trevor or grandma and papa. They just got goofier as we went along. But we did have fun and we did get some cute shots of the boys. Here are a few, or maybe lots, of my favorites.

Doesn't it look like he is pinching Declan? And the look on Declan's face even resembles that!

And their attention span for pictures ended as they went running down the bridge with Papa.

It's not too often that Trevor and I get a decent picture of just the two of us.

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