Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

I've got my fridge stocked with fish sticks. The pantry has mac and cheese and tuna. We are set for Lent! Trevor and I decided to give up pop. The two of us drank more pop then either of us cares to admit over the last few days. I guess in some sort of attempt to prepare us for the next 6 weeks?!? It could be a long one. A long crabby one. But it's a little sacrifice compared to the ultimate sacrifice that we remember during this Lenten season. I mean, He gave his own life, giving up pop can't be so bad. Can it?

Today Carson's class went to mass to celebrate Ash Wednesday. The boys and I decided to join him. Carson wanted to sit by us so it was me and the three boys, in church, alone. Two years ago I tried to take Carson and Declan to Ash Wednesday service by myself. You can read how that went here. Thankfully, this time the boys were fabulous. The only major incident seems to be a broken water bottle. We all got ashes. However, Declan rubbed his off so all I have is a picture of the other two.

During the gospel reading the Deacon was reading from Matthew when he read this line. "....when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing...." Carson looked at me and said.

"Mommy, that's what they said on Veggie Tales Christmas."

Me: Yes, Bob was talking about that wasn't he?

Carson: "He (the Deacon) must have watched it the other day too!"

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