Saturday, February 13, 2010


A recharge. My grandpa used to ask my grandma if she needed a recharge all the time. In their case it meant another martini. A recharge for me is my sweet husband taking the big boys to his parents for the weekend. So I can recharge. Take a break. Find my sanity. It's much needed and its usually more needed then I ever realize. Although I miss the boys its been nice to relax, get some things done around the house (like clean it...I cleaned it yesterday and its STILL clean!) and enjoy some alone time with Bennett. We've been rather busy with our time though, since nine of my girlfriends are coming over for some much needed girl time, drinks, Wii and eating our brains out (it's what we do best). A recharge.

Here's our weekend in pictures.

I'm one blessed girl. These arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Aren't they fabulous? I think so! It's the most flowers I've EVER gotten. Thanks honey!

Ok, back to what Bennett and I've been doing with out time.

First we laid around and took some pictures. Bennett was very cooperative.

We took pictures of our chubby baby feet.

And our pretty blue eyes.

Then we he was up by 7am (so much for sleeping in) and we were busy making some yummy treats for our party tonight.

Then it started snowing and snowing and snowing.

Then we tried out the bath seat but learned we aren't quite ready for it yet.

Then after a few errands we came home, relaxed and watched some ski jumping.

Then we finished our yummy treats.

Bet you wish you were coming to my house tonight.
For a recharge!

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