Monday, February 22, 2010

Sneak Peek

I'm far from a photography professional....very far. But I did get a new camera, a camera I know has lots of potential. Potential that I need to figure out. I have an appointment this week to get Bennett's pictures taken. However, I thought maybe I could get some good pictures of him with my new camera. So I set it all up yesterday. Found a white sheet, found a room with good light and wiped the snot from his face. I figured the big boys would have no interest in this. Boy was I wrong! Too bad I let them pick out their own outfits and their hair left a little to be desired. Oh well, it adds character, right?

I have lots more pictures from our shoot yesterday. I was rather impressed with myself. And I'm going to do another one this morning. When I finish it all up I'll share the rest. For now enjoy this one.

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