Sunday, February 7, 2010

4 Months

I can't believe you are 4 months old already. It's not supposed to go this fast. I think I've spoken those words with each little boy that has come into our life. But with you it seems to be going way to fast. So please, can we slow it down a bit?

We went to the doctor today for your 4 month checkup. And yes, it's officially confirmed, you are a big boy!! All around. You are 25 3/4 inches long (97th percentile). Your head is 18 inches (90th percentile) and you weigh a whopping 22lbs 2 oz. And really that doesn't even register on the percentile chart. Seriously. They just quote it as "above" the 97th percentile. So your the biggest boy on the block but apparently evenly proportioned! The doctor wasn't concerned about your weight, in fact, I think he may have been impressed. But he would like to see you at least plateau in the next 2 months which shouldn't be a problem, especially as you become more active. As for your shots, you barely made a peep. The nurse was impressed commenting that you were a pretty content little boy.....boy was she right!

Four months is like a magical turning point in babyhood. Your definitely not a newborn anymore but a full fledged baby. You are so laid back, so easy going, so content and happy. It seems the only thing you want to do is have someone look at you so you can share a smile or laugh with them. A whole new world has opened up for you this month as you've been able to spend time in your exersaucer and johnny jump up. Being upright allows you to watch your crazy brothers run around or watch Emily sniff around you. It's fascinating to watch.

Your brothers are especially fond of your new found ability. Declan has taken to showing you each and every toy on your excersaucer, every time your in there. Carson likes to give you your plug if you get fussy and I'm trying to do just one more thing before I tend to you. He also assumes that you are hungry everytime you cry, reporting to me often that, "he's hungry momma." He often asks if he can bring you to me and he likes getting your out of your winter coat when we come home. One thing is for sure little man, you are loved by your brothers.

We also shed your infant seat this month. Something I was dreading with every once of my being. For one because it means your getting bigger and two its much easier to carry a 4 month old around in an infant seat then it is in my arms. Especially when we have on 47 layers of clothing to keep us warm in the winter. But we've managed to survive so far. We're still working on nap time and doing our things when you aren't sleepy. If there is one thing I like, its a baby on a good sleep schedule!

I don't think either one of us is ready for solid foods just yet. And its obvious you don't need them right now. You love your sleep! You often prefer to be in bed by 7 and sleep until about 4am, eat and go back to sleep till about 7:30. It's a wonderful schedule and one I hope to keep.

We look forward to the next month of your life Bennett. May God Bless you!

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