Monday, February 1, 2010

Apple of his eye

Mr. Bennett is pretty excited to see his daddy everyday. While the other boys request wrestling, Transformers, Star Wars and swords this little boy just wants daddy to look at him, make him laugh, maybe give him a raspberry. His response is a big drooly toothless smile! And if I zoomed out on this picture you'd probably see 2 boys on top of daddy's back. And he wonders why its sore all the time?

Bennett has been spending some time in his exersaucer and now grandma's walker. Which puts his world into a whole new perspective. He loves watching the boys go crazy or Emily do laps around him.

And he's even been doing some tummy time.

And sitting up. this Bennett or Carson?
Hard to tell. But I know!!

And I also know that this is a little boy who has been sporting some WILD hairdos lately.

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