Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three on Thursday: 6 Months

Maddox is 6 months old!!
He's a peanut, a tall peanut. Today at the doctor he weighed in at 18 pounds 8 oz, 28.5 inches long and a 18 3/4 inch head. He's off the charts in length and his head size (of course...poor kids got their momma's head) and he's sitting at about the 75th for his weight. He's a string bean! How does that compare to his brothers? Well, I've included their 6 month pictures with their stats. 

Poor Carson, I wasn't on top of it when he was the baby and never took month pictures. At 6 months he was 20lbs 6 oz, 28 inches long and an 18 inch head. 

Declan still takes the cake for being the smallest....but just barely! At 6 months he was 18lbs 6 oz, 27 inches long and a 17 3/4 inch head. So Maddox has him by 2 ounces but he's also an inch and a half LONGER!

And then there's this kid. Look at how chubby and cute he was?? At 6 months he takes the cake weighing 23lbs 9 oz and 27 inches long. 18.5 inch head. I never would have guessed that him and Maddox would have the same size head. Bennett's has always seemed huge but not Maddox. No wonder the doctor was a little concerned. Nothing to worry about now though, we'll check it in 3 months and see how he's doing. 

So there's all my babies at 6 months!

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  1. love the idea of comparing shots of all the boys at the same age! And I don't think you should lament that the boys inherited your head size. Other than being a big head myself, I think their round globes are adorable. :-)