Friday, March 9, 2012

Three on Thursday: Speech

Bennett has been doing speech for about 4 months now. For awhile I wasn't sure it was working and had all but convinced myself he would never talk. Many people kept saying that one day I'd wish he'd stop talking. They are probably right but alot of people can't begin to understand how difficult it is to deal with a two year old who just grunts. Two year olds are difficult no matter what but throw in a complete lack of communication and we were both ready to throw in the towel. Sue, Bennett's speech therapist is amazing, funny, patient, kind and she loves playing with Bennett every week. And thankfully she's been able to work with him and break his speech barrier. He's talking! ALL. THE. TIME. He's copying most things we say, trying really hard to tell me what he wants and needs, counting, saying his colors and demanding "tweats, ooce, and ilk" (treats, juice and milk). We still need to work on him saying the whole word since he seems to miss the first syllable of almost every word. But we've made progress and we are so proud of him!

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