Sunday, January 6, 2008

Being a Family

Normalcy? What's that. It's seems our family has been on a bit of a crazed schedule for the last 3 months. It started in October when Trevor was asked to work extra hours and it seems to have (hopefully) ended with our move last weekend. We've spent very few meals together, had very few lazy afternoons and evenings together and we've just been too busy to "hang out." It's like we were just 4 people floating around the same 1300 sq feet but not really being a family.

That all changed this weekend. I had to work Sat night from 8pm to 3am (Inventory!) so that left us the entire weekend to enjoy our family and let me tell was awesome! We built a snowman, went for a walk (it was 40 degrees out, HEAT WAVE!), ate our meals together, played together and we all snuggled in bed together. I feel like a new person since "normalcy" has somewhat returned to our house.

I've said it alot recently but the boys are at such an incredibly enjoyable stage. 6 weeks ago I was ready to pull my hair out with Declan. He wouldn't let me out of his sight, wasn't eating and was just plain cranky. In the last week or so he's a whole new person (maybe it's the haircut?). He can entertain himself for fairly long stretches, he eats better (not great but better) and he just seems more happy. He's mastered the use of a fork and spoon to and is pretty darn proud of himself.

One of the interesting things to watch with Carson has been his language development. He's making full sentences now and its so fun to see his brain working. He seems to have trouble with his pronouns. Like using "you" when referring to himself, etc. But its so fun to have conversations with him know. And he's got a great memory. This weekend we went out Saturday to make a snowman only to find out that the snow wasn't going to cooperate.

So we told Carson we would do it after nap when the snow should be ready, since it was 40 degrees all day! When he woke from his nap that was the first thing he asked to do. So we bundled up and headed out again only to find the snow in the same condition as it was earlier. So we told him we would try on Sunday. Well he kept asking us to "make Fwosy the noman," So Sunday morning we headed out and (THANK GOD) the snow was perfect. He didn't want to leave the house afterwards because he didn't want to leave "Fwosy" behind.

One of the highlights from our weekend was yesterday as we were putting the boys down for a nap I told Carson I loved him and he repeated, "I wuv you too." Then Trevor told him he loved him and he replied "I wuv you daddy." THEN, this morning he told me out of the blue that he loved me.

Almost makes me want to have another baby right now.


I mean lets not get ahead of ourselves people....seriously!

We have so much to be thankful for this morning, I mean afternoon. God's Blessings to you all!

And a few other pictures from the weekend.

He looks so thrilled to be outside doesn't he?

Going for a walk.

Putting Frosty's nose on.

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