Monday, January 28, 2008

A whole-lotta nothing.

It's been pretty cold around here lately and as you can see from this photo we've been doing a whole-lotta nothing. Which is actually a nice change of pace for us but apparently Carson is a little bored with it.

The boys and I are heading to Florida in less then a month to hang out with our snowbirds, I mean grandparents. So it was time to break out the tubs of clothes to see what we had for summer apparel. Lucky for me, and our checkbook, Declan should only need a couple of shirts. These sandals fit Carson 2 summers ago and Declan wasn't too sure of them. It didn't help that they were a little big.

We've spent a few lazy mornings around the house since its been so cold out. Declan likes to be in control of the remote....and hog the pillows.

Grandma and Grandpa came last week on their way to Florida. They rented a hotel room one night so we could all go swimming. I don't have any pool pictures but it was a pretty neat place with pirate ships and water slides. Here we are enjoying a post swimming snack of pizza and cheerios. Yum!

Carson loves to ride the plasma car at playgroup. There's not really room for all of on there but somehow we make it all work.

While grandma and grandpa were here we had lunch with some of their friends. I was in charge of finding a restaurant. I picked the Pickle Barrel only to later find out that it started in Montana and grandma and grandpa used to eat there. Besides having fantastic and HUGE sandwiches they also have a barrel of pickles (Who would have guessed)and Declan could not have been more thrilled to have a ginormous pickle to eat.

Remember children, you are not allowed to play hockey. ;-)

Today it actually warmed up enough that I took the boys outside. Last night we were watching the news before bed and they said it was supposed to be freezing rain and 2 to 4 inches of snow. I already made my plans to stay in our pjs and be lazy. Who needs to go out in that stuff and I made a small wish that the mall would close so that I wouldn't have to work. A girl can wish can't she? Apparently they got that messed up with the 46 and clear that it really is. Seriously, how could they be that wrong?

So we headed outside. Carson wanted to go to the park with Declan in tow.

Not sure what this pose is but he was pretty happy to be outside.

We even made a snowman and when I asked him to stand by it so I could take a picture he insisted on standing in front of it. Crazy boy.

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