Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thomas the Train is back

We may have had a potty breakthrough this week. Carson FINALLY pooped, or "poot" as he says, in the potty. (I can't believe I am writing about this on the Internet.) I was at work but I think his words to Trevor when he saw it in the toilet was...

"Look daddy I poot in da-pawtty."

He was pretty proud and so are his parents. In fact we went to Target today and I let him pick out a new toy. He chose James from Thomas the Train and so the train fascination is back on at our house. He was sad tonight when we couldn't go to grandma's house because she has "mo twains dare mamma." He wanted to go there instead of bed. Sad part is grandma and grandpa are in FL and we won't be there until May. I hope this doesn't happen every night until then!

But the incentive must not have worked to well because he went in his diaper this afternoon. Great, there went my $8. My Dave Ramsey budget is not made for this!

In other fun news. Declan actually ate something besides cheese and pickles today. In fact he ate so much at lunch that we were ALL done and ready to leave and he was still shoveling in the fries. I'm not convinced this new eating habit will last long but it sure is nice to see him eat something besides cheese and pickles. Now matter how much I tell myself that this phase will pass its still hard when they aren't eating much. I constantly feel like I am offering him things because I just want him to eat SOMETHING. It pretty much consumes your every thought. So, tonight I'll say a prayer that this lasts, at least a couple of days, and makes me feel better for awhile.

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  1. LOL, Amy. I totally hear you on the "should we be talking about this on the Internet" re: Carson's poop! That is both the blessing and challenge about hanging out with other moms - all moms totally think that is a very normal thing to talk about. And then suddenly you'll (oh, who am I kidding...*I*) will find myself at a business meeting wanting to talk about entirely unsuitable subjects! ;-)

    I've missed you lately on the board - sounds like you are doing well.