Friday, January 11, 2008


How is it that time after time everyone in this house gets sick EXCEPT Trevor? Seriously, it's not fair. Declan has the full blown whatever we have been passing around now. The poor kid can't sleep because every time he closes his eyes he ends up in a coughing fit. I usually go in there only to find snot wrapped entirely around his head, his eyes watery and puffy and him crying because he is just so darn tired but can't seem to just pass out. Well he's out now so I hope he takes a good snoozer.

Onto a new topic....


What an insane process this is. Nearly every mother I run into is in a tizzy over when and where their kids will go to preschool. Even pregnant mothers are worrying about it with their unborn child. Seriously? What happened to the days of just going to kindergarten when they were 5 or 6 and letting them enjoy life, school free, until then.

Well those days are long gone.

And I've been sucked into the whole preschool business with the rest of them. Sigh.

Carson goes to preschool one day a week now. I don't really count it since its more like him going to hang out with his friends for an hour and a half and they have a snack together. But next year (rather this year) he will be 3 and so I started to look for a place that would suit him and us. I didn't want him going more then 2 days a week since he's only 3. I just want him to have some sort of socialization with other kids and learn to follow instructions from people besides his mom and dad.

So this morning we went and toured this school.

And let me tell was awesome.

First of all, he'll have to wear a uniform. I love the idea of uniforms and the idea of 3 year olds wearing uniforms is just too darn cute. The 4 year old class this morning looked pretty cute so I can only imagine what he'll look like.

This class is 2 days a week for 3 hours each day. School starts at 7:45am. Yeah you read that right. I think Trevor will be taking him to school because I barely have my lazy behind out of bed by then. Whom I kidding, Trevor is barely out of bed by then. Should be interesting. During the week he'll get regular library time, computer time (working on hand-eye coordination), gym time, music time and recess. Ack, my baby is getting to old.

But first before all this can happen I must register. The crazy process of registration starts in 2 weeks. I was told to arrive by 8am if I have any hope of getting him in. So there I'll be with the other crazy mommas trying to get their kid into preschool. Wish us luck!

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