Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Vacation

We've survived our first week of summer vacation. Well, the boys survived, I sort of feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. Adjusting to summer vacation is harder then you think. Between a 5 year old who has gained 50 pounds in attitude and a 3 year old who likes to whine and tattle and an almost 8 month old who has mind loss if I leave the room, this could be a long summer! Lucky for us it was a gorgeous, hot, weekend (after a very cold rainy week). Here's a stream of consciousness recap.

We went to our 2nd 9-12 meeting. We bought flowers to plant. I colored my hair for the first time ever. We played and played and played outside. We lost power for 4 hours. It was 84 degrees in our house. We had to eat out (darn).The boys took a bath by candlelight. Power came on just before story time. Trevor reffed his last soccer game (YAY!). We let Emily try out her new shock color, sans a leash. She bolted on me today. She didn't even flinch as she went through the line after a squirrel. She must have been going to fast to feel the shock. She missed the squirrel she was after. She ran into Frenchie (our neighbor's dog) who chased her back into our yard. She must have gotten shocked coming back in. I wanted to beat her. But I didn't. I just tied her up. We had plans for a camp fire but mother nature had other plans. We went to church.

We wrestled with daddy in the front yard.

We played dead in the front yard.

We took pictures of Baby B rolling around in the yard.
(And then had fun editing them in Photoshop...look at those cute eyes. I'm practically a pro.)

Baby B tried out his new swing.

We ran through the sprinkler, with our clothes on.

We were soaking wet. But cool. We ate Popsicle (can you tell Declan had red?).

Some of us chose to eat grass.

We took a ride in the wagon.
And that's just the first weekend of our summer vacation. I'm tired. I'm wore out. But I'm looking forward to a very fun, very busy, summer with my boys.

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