Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sports Galore

Carson had his first baseball game last night. He started asking if we could go to his baseball game around 1:30. The entire afternoon was spent having this conversation.

Carson: Mom, can we go to my baseball game right now?

Me: No honey, its not time yet. We have to have supper first.

Carson: Can we have supper now?

Me: No we have to wait for daddy to get home.

Carson: Can I get my baseball stuff on? (He slept in only a shirt because he wanted to wear his baseball pants. Then after nap he was naked and I convinced him to wear his shorts so he could play outside for awhile)

Me: No let's wait until after supper.

Carson: Can we have supper now?

Here he is hitting the ball.

And running home.

We've also taken up a new sport.


Grandma and Papa bought the boys some clubs last week so we were busy practicing while we were there. I'm fairly certain he'll be the next Phil Mikkelson if he's not the next Joe Mauer. We're taking him to the golf course over the 4th of July. Should be fun to watch, if I don't get whacked by a 5 year old swinging a golf club before then.

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