Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Months

This little, er big, boy turned 7 months old last week.

He can roll like it's no ones business. He can sit like a big boy. He still has no teeth (an none in site either). He loves a good piece of bread. He's tried to convince me that waking up twice a night is a good time....I'm trying to convince him otherwise. He loves watching his brothers. He can grab most anything with his hands and switch hands too. He loves to grab his feet. He tries to suck on his feet, while sitting (now that's talent). He hasn't tried a baby food he doesn't like. He's pretty attached to me and likes to act like the world is ending when I leave the room. He's bald as can be!

And he's so fun to kiss.

And squish.
(Look at those arms...just want to eat them up!)

And pretty soon these 3 boys won't fit in the chair.

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