Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Like Winter

It's like winter but without the snow. We're stuck inside. It's like winter only the leaves are out, the garden is planted, the flowers are blooming, we've spent time at the park, we've had picnics. Yet, we're stuck inside. It's like winter....only worse!

In the winter I expect to be stuck inside. I have plans and ideas on how to pass our time and we manage. But in May when we've tasted the sun, enjoyed being outside, been to the zoo, worn shorts, blown bubbles and smelled spring, being stuck inside is miserable. It makes me lose my mind (at least what's left of it). It makes my kids nuts. And I'm completely useless in what to do with them.

If you can't tell the past few days have been long and cold and really wet! So we've spent ALOT of time indoors. Our ribs (okay, maybe just mine) are sore from too much Wii, every toy in the toy room has been out, we've had indoor picnics and we've watched our fair share of tv.

And yesterday we broke out the Play Doh.

And let our creativity go wild.

Bennett tried to eat it so he was relegated to the exersaucer. I don't think he minded.

We made Play Doh pizzas and tried tossing the dough in the air.

We made lightsabers(I think) with our Play Doh.

And we chopped it into a million pieces.

Lucky for us 70 degrees is in our future. At least that's what the weatherman says. Let's hope, for my sanity, he's right.

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